From Foster care to Goldman Sachs #18

From Foster care to Goldman Sachs #18

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From foster care, Tiana managed to get accepted into Goldman Sachs. She proves that vision and execution are the key to achieving your dreams.

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Find your voice – Episode 18- “On the other side of adversity” – Tiana Barnwell #18

Tagline: “I don’t want my story to be about my struggle…I want it to be Tiana Barnwell helped people, she came back, she gave back, she did it.”

Tiana Barnwell is a shining example of what determination and focus can bring you. With a vision at 7 years old to go to Spelman College she did it. She recently graduated from Spelman College despite her challenges in life. Having spent a few years in foster care (kinship) which disrupted her life, Tiana never lost hope. She was adamant on achieving her dreams.

Researc shows that less than 3% of foster care children graduate from a 4-year college degree, but Tiana is unique! She is truly a shining example to all those out there, that anything is possible with the right attitude.

With such a wise head on her shoulders and a why that far exceeds her own personal goals Tiana is destined for stardom. She wants to help people through her real estate dreams. Furthermore since graduating she received job offers from Goldman Sachs she pursues her next adventure and continues to grow as an individual. A breath of fresh air, and a shining light in the world I am excited to watch her flourish.

I urge you all to follow this incredible story and support Tiana. Tiana is destined to be a household name sooner rather than later, because her sheer passion to help others and succeed is so evident.

To reach out to her, check the links below, but her favourite place is twitter too so be sure to drop her tweet from us!

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