From earning minimum wage to £400,000 a year #36

From earning minimum wage to £400,000 a year #36

Yes you can #36 by Stephanie Taylor, shares her story from earning minimum wage to living with an abundance of money in her property business. A fascinating tale of authenticity.

Tagline: "I inspired people to change their lives for the better and create the life that they love"
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An amazing story of a lady who rose from being at the bottom. From receiving benefits and earning minimum wage, Stephanie’s life seemed dim. At least from the outside. However, the struggle, didn’t last forever. As Stephanie explains, she is now a proud business owner. A business generating £400k per annum. Stephanie has truly found her voice through property.

Stephanie Taylor is 100% a successful property investor. But she is also so much more. She is a loving mother to her son Alex. She is also someone who has changed her lifes circumstances and achieved her dreams. This was achieved through her grit and perseverance. Despite meeting through the Property world I ensured this episode focused on Stephanie’s personal story. This was to ensure I didn’t bore you all with too much property talk. Of course if property interests you, get in touch. But this particular story is about a woman who has overcome many odds. A woman who has strived to do and become more. A woman who continues to operate outside of her comfort zone.

Limiting beliefs

She has gone from minimum wage jobs. To receiving countless refusals for jobs. To now building £100k + revenue in her property business. Alongside this, she has established herself as a name within the property sector. She has overcome her own limiting beliefs. She has changed lives for others. Stephanie has also changed her own families life.


In this episode Stephanie also explains her vision is to inspire more people. She is keen for people to take control of their own lives. This comes from seeing how much her own life has changed. She sees the benefits and possibilities and now wants to share this.

Also there is a great offer Stephanie and her partners have offered. For all listeners interested they have given an offer of their training. If rent to rent interests you, there is a link below just for you!

This was the first time someone has cried on the show and it was a beautiful moment. It was beautiful because it was a positive event as it involved someone caring for Stephanie. This someone didn’t even know her. You see Caring, as we touch on in this podcast, the act of just doing nice things with others well-being at the front of your mind is powerful.

It is something I encourage everyone to do more. It is a caring example that Stephanie shares which gets her emotional. Stephanies journey from earning minimum wage has hopefully shown you that anything is possible.

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. The importance of your mindset
  2. Growing your skill set to be capable of achieving your goals
  3. The importance of caring
  4. How to work on problem solving
  5. Not attaching self-worth to circumstances

I sincerely hope this episode provides you genuine value. I urge you to follow Stephanie’s journey. Also let her know your thoughts as she is someone who openly shares herself. She has truly found her voice and now continues to write her story.

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