You need to Focus. You need to cut Out The Noise or Say Bye to Your Goals

Sounds like common sense right?

If you aren’t achieving your goals, it is likely your fault. In fact scratch the likely, it is your fault 100%.

Now if you are still using the thought process, I refer to as a victim mentality, then this post may not be for you right now. But please come back if you’re willing to be open-minded and change your mindset.

But if you are on a self-improvement journey, seeking to make strides in your performance & skill set then you need to know that your goals are not being achieved because of YOU.


Accountability for one’s actions, progress & results should be yours & yours entirely.

Not your neighbour, not your supplier, not your customer or the person who stabbed you in the back for a quick buck. You!

But even knowing this we can often get distracted by external influencers without realising. These will creep on you and slowly but surely sabotage your progress & chances of achieving success (your goals).

Now I want to quickly give you a step by step process. One you can utilise the next time you risk derailing your goals.

So in order to do that you need to do a quick exercise.

It’s quick, trust me.

Step 1: Write down your goals.

If you are already on top of this, grab them. Pull them up from your notes, bring out your journal or rush infant of your vision board.

Step 2: Understand what is required from your goals.

A simple yet often overlooked thought process. For example;

Are you lacking experience?
This will simply come down to sweat equity and or surrounding yourself if feasible with the right experience.

Perhaps you are missing qualifications?
This will require you to skill up and gain those.

Either way, there will be something you currently lack, require or need access too in order to achieve the goal or else it wouldn’t be on the list.

Step 3: Recognise the things that distract you.

This could be Netflix, twitter, Steve & Katy’s Facebook Posts (sorry both, names strictly chosen at random) or even just your ability to procrastinate on doing all things other than what is necessary.

List them.

Step 4: Recognise the things that external influences do/say/show that distract you.

Now this is the kicker. You see point 3 is easily fixable. Cancel Netflix, snooze Steve & Katy, get the F off Twitter & stop checking the fridge – IF your goals really mean something to you.

But here we will often have external influences that will dictate our day, mood and as a result our actions.

For example:

Someone overlooks you because of your age/colour/sex etc. Accept it and be better next time.
Someone cuts you up in traffic. They could be in a rush.
Someone pushes in front of you in the queue. Let them.
Someone does not acknowledge your actions. Their loss.
Someone says something nasty to you. It says something about them.
Someone steals from you. They are damaged and need it more.
Someone lies to you. That will remain in their thoughts.

Remember these examples, are not the things BETWEEN you and your goal.

They are just things you need to manage and let pass by. Don’t let them disrupt your focus.

Yes they may irk you. But if you allow them to deter you, put you off & influence you emotions, you’ll see it translate into your thoughts & actions.

It is your ability to control your thoughts & actions that will hugely influence your achievement of goals.

Don’t worry about being right or being treated correctly 24/7. That will never happen.

Instead, worry about being effective towards achieving your goals. The former can be dealt with once you have accomplished all that you set out to accomplish.

Cut out the noise & focus!

Now I write this, not because I am coach or trying to preach something I do not practice.

I write this because I have recognised STEP 4 being a major negative upon my own progress.

As a result, just being more self-aware about these things has within weeks instantly increased my actual productivity towards my goals.

The question I ask myself now is:

“Does that person, or that circumstance that I do not agree with ACTUALLY stop me from achieving my goals?”

Aren Deu

If the answer is no I simply ignore it and go back to work.

It requires a lot of motivation though, trust me. I am stubborn & an emotional character often wanting to say my peace or advocate where I feel unjustly behaviour has occurred. But for my own sanity and the sake of my goals, I have to sideline these emotions and thoughts and truly cut out the noise.

Have an awesome day, focus & of course check out the podcast 🙂

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