Finding your purpose in life

Finding your purpose in life through knowledge, travel & taking action #105

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing – Socrates

Zu Shan, is a fascinating character, who continuously strives and drives to learn and become so much more. He is the fitting example of someone who has gone through the journey of finding his voice, learning who he is and becoming more in touch with this.

This conversation dives into important topics many of us must seek answers within ourselves for, such as:

Fulfilment, Productivity, Self awareness, Perspective and why travelling is so important. Zu Shan has travelled 30+ countries, has found his way through the entrepreneurial space and also lived in 6 different cities across the world. He is someone who brings a fresh, wider perspective to today’s conversation and for that I hope sincerely you enjoy this episode.

Key time stamps:

09:00 From academia to entrepreneurship – The transition

16:35 Zu Shan key daily habit

24:20 Zu Shan intrinsic motivation

33:20 We all face adversity

Episode on forgiveness:

Episode on forgiveness:

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sit back relax work hard work passion and we and take your time you will get there and you’ll be happy about it welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode I’ll find your voice my name is art and as always I am the host of the show so I’m delighted to welcome Zeeshan on to today’s episode I’ll find your voice we’re gonna be talking about a lot of things that maybe some of you can resonate with but also more importantly that will hopefully help you or encourage you to try more things and really trying to change your perspective to go out there and find your voice so Zeeshan welcome to the show how you doing today my friend yeah really good it’s (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) midnight here in Canberra Australia and in this current state that we’re all in I think it’s a fantastic time to be having a chat something that I otherwise wouldn’t be doing and I’m looking forward to having this conversation with you and so do you so I hope the listeners can at least appreciate that position over there at midnight is taking time out of the state one thing I’ve really been moving this podcast towards its perspective on how people just go through life and said situations in certain experiences really kind of shape them and mold them I know so is fascinating because your mind he’s doing so many things you start start ups you worked in sports agencies your trouble terabit countries you’ve lived in six cities across three countries some really really interesting office to get your perspective on stuff and I know you will submit to stuff life stress in the workplace is also that’s going to be something where maybe I might give it the show towards so as you said if you wouldn’t mind if you could just maybe give us a summary about you yourself the things you like and what kind of brings you here today find your voice yes absolutely (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) and so where do I start so essentially I was born in Dubai (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) everyone knows the by now no one did when I was born there and it was an interesting place to grow up I think when I was about two or three years old moved to Melbourne Australia X. my dad was doing his PhD over there and by the time I was five we moved back to the by and yes I lived there for about twelve or thirteen years after that so all through high school which was a great time I think it was absolutely incredible in terms of the cultural experiences that I had having essentially celebrate like for an example (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) whether it was Christmas whether it was (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) you know whether it was even whether it was the wily I got the opportunity to spend time with people in their cultures my friends from high school even till today (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I’m really close to them about twelve or thirteen of them come from eight different countries so having that exposure growing up was really really interesting and I think it definitely set me up for what came afterwards which was that I moved to Brisbane Australia to to my university degree and that in itself was an interesting experience because (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) while I lived here as a kid I A. became Australian so my background is Pakistani and yes you did mention six cities so I did live in Karachi for a very short period of time about six months after I moved back to the device from Australia but I visit regularly so I know the place pretty well I’d like to believe (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) and in Brisbane it was very interesting because on the one hand I was Australian but then on the other hand I a very much fit the mold of the new international student who was growing up in Australia hanging out with people from all over the world who were also there from overseas who would go back home to the countries that they came from over summer break or whatever so it may be but and at the same time I was Australian so it was why did interesting time in my life but I really grew up (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) in that specific time in Brisbane and then I moved to Sydney where I was working in academia for a while at the university of Sydney and I also did my masters there and at just over two years ago and came over to Camberwell for my day job and in the midst of that I started (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) working on score TDS which is now the start up that I run which also has the Sportage is podcast so that’s a bit of a summary of how I moved around and I guess to add to that you know some of the things that I really really enjoyed doing include rock climbing so going to the climbing gym doing some bouldering that sort of stuff I obviously working on my start up I write a lot so we have a lot of written content on there I also like such as yourself interview people and talk to people so we do (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I do a fair bit of that as well and I really enjoy a sports of all sorts but at the same time bringing in a different element to sports such as the struggles and the challenges that athletes face and the diverse city in sports and sports and our partnership and the like so that’s a good bit of a summary of who I am and yes (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I think there was a stage in my life where I used to do spoken word poetry and performance slam poetry competition so that’s another phase of my life that I would be more than happy to talk to you about as well why hi so that’s definitely a jumpshot life there with them there’s a few things I want to speak about if I made and so I’m fascinated obviously by troubling myself some in the wife we’ve been very fortunate to travel around thirty forty countries ourselves as well I’m one of the things that probably definitely told me is it may be not be so narrow minded in my thinking and in my beliefs and I just got a whole new level of insight into the amazing people across the world the different coaches and it just the different ways of life so I’m always advocating on this podcast to at least travel to just a foreign country where people just do things differently because in the heart of it and the roof of a I was fine that he could not see the same in terms of people want to be loved your not the same kind of stuff and that’s one thing that I really love about it it’s just a shame obviously sometimes language can make that very difficult and then the second important thing I think is exposure an exposure for me it doesn’t necessarily need to be just traveling so I’m always an advocate dot when you find your voice for example are you find your way in life we need exposure sometimes to actually know what that is because throughout our life it’s not parents always taught teachers kind of pushing us towards one particular Avenue because that’s all we know for example if you’re good at chemistry at school you’re most likely going to go and study chemistry and a bit later on or something science related where is not over we have the opportunity to expose ourselves to so much more like for instance some of the stuff that you mentioned just that I just threw the exposure that we cannot you say well actually I really like cooking for example well I really like starting a podcast let yourself for maybe a stop so this is why I was saying I was really fascinated by the story because you’ve kind of done everything that I’ve been preaching so much to the audience throughout this so I want to try to move this night to something where we can try to get into a mindset hi there how did that experience I and you’ve lived in some of the most beautiful places you start to stop now as an entrepreneur and you seem to be living very right great places and being aware of your sense of culture and stuff how’s the transition been from being from academia to a stop and as an entrepreneur because one of the things I recognize as an entrepreneur is we almost inflict this level of pain on US house where we’re overworking sometimes for less pay will break your weekends were really kind of putting on ourselves and it’s it’s almost like a different breed of a of a person if that makes sense so how do you find that transition into entrepreneurial space yeah it’s a that’s a really interesting question that you bring out the error and so initially when I think I’ll take it step by step from the academia over to the start up in academia the interesting thing was that when you are in research you have a lot of (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) independence and a lot of freedom so you can take your time out and go in to work in all hours if you need to sign by trade a social scientist I don’t have any (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) biology chemistry physics or engineering skills or background or knowledge but when it comes to the social sciences I would like to think that I’m a little bit but well first on that and so you essentially in a field like social sciences you don’t even need to be at the office like you could do that work from home as long as you have to research papers (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) you’re studying through articles and so on so that sort of helped me quite significantly to develop my independence in working so I was able to do this work on my own and I was simultaneously doing my master’s degree obviously I had a couple of academics who were mentoring me and assisting me and I was doing research with them so I got that guidance from them but then at the same time I would I have a lot of respect for academics and academia but I would say that personally I a was a little bit disenfranchised from the concept of academia where I essentially and more or less learned that no matter what academia only gets read by other academics yeah absolutely and because of that no matter how much output (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) how much quality output you come out with its only really going to be read by your peers and they may respond if they decide to and that’s when I realized Hey you know I want to get out of this space and go do my day job so I moved to Canberra I take up my day job in the public sector and you know it’s great I really enjoy the work (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I go in with this expectation that you know this might be the means for me to find that fulfillment on when you know you touched on earlier be being able to assist other people and support them (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) but unfortunately I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been the case but I would say it wasn’t it isn’t exactly the way I wanted although the work I do in my day job is phenomenal and I love it and I think it teaches me a lot but I felt like I needed to do something more and that’s when my start ups forte just sort of came to be so I’ve got two other mates one based in Brisbane and one based in Sydney and the three of us collectively formed support agents and I think often enter print or as they say this that you know we sort of stumbled upon our business it was never something that we intended on doing it just sort of happened and that’s what sport ages was because we were chatting in R. what’s app group as we did having been in touch since we lived in Brisbane and we’re good mates there and we thought Hey let’s start a sports blog in very quickly that moved out from involved I guess from a sports blog to a sports media platform but with a twist so (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) the twist essentially being you look at big organizations that pour out content and the viewers or the listeners of the audience they don’t necessarily get something out of it where they go whoa I learned something from that and that became our purpose at sport ages and I guess when you you asked about managing that and look I’m not gonna lie it’s been very overwhelming but we’ve been able to develop techniques and structures that have enabled us to deal wage stress and managing our time and being able to you know have some sort of semblance of work life balance (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) which which interestingly is the most is the most searched word on Google in Australia work life balance yes and I think some of the things that we do (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) include you know I’m trying not to work on most weekends or at least one day we are automating a lot of the work that we could be doing ourselves by using apps (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) and that’s essentially helped us a lot so that’s a bit of a summary on you know moving from academia at (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) the start up phase but to tie it all together I think that the independent critical thinking that I was able to developed while working in academia really assisted me in running (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) the start up with with my co founders and that they get all of those experiences come hand in hand and when I look back and I do something new I realize wow I actually learnt this at this point in my lifetime absolutely it’s almost like connecting the dots when you look backwards think Steve Jobs had a great call about that hello I was thinking of some questions and some stuff came into my head so the first one was are you filled in the stuff you’re doing and you almost on said it instantly as I was thinking it would she said that the way that you do not have you find a phenomenal you love it and then almost like it was something slightly missing and you find that you want to do more which then grew out of that was to stop so that’s that’s nice because I was feeling that many of us have that feeling throughout life where where we thought we lacking something or there’s just something missing to really ignite S. if that makes sense and keep us going I’m all over it so if you are I suppose it was a start up and then you mentioned some interesting stuff where you said that in Australia obviously work life balance is the most searched term I and I’m not sure the metrics here in the UK but we had the same sort of questions because wherever you work can offer it to corporate myself an upward as an entrepreneur for the last five six years each time we’re battling with this see saw off of work and life we’re trying to balance work life balance and if I’m being completely honest I don’t think it exists I don’t think there is a possibility to have at least an even balance I think you have to throughout your life make sacrifices whereby one is going to I. way via that and it’s just about be mindful that throughout the mist of your way I do a general life is that we just look after ourselves especially like on mental health and physical health you said you have mechanisms in place now to help you and your business partners deal with stress such as the apps and with all the while what do you do press the like throughout your day to day basis to keep yourself grounded or not you mentioned you do exercise that rock climbing what are the kind of things do you implement on your daily basis to make sure that the stresses of work where you’re not getting the work life balance don’t overwhelm you and don’t call is a high level of stress in your life yes (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) apps at least so I think the key thing for me personally is to have my day scheduled and terminal when I am not going to be working and that’s key so as you as you said being in entrepreneurship you can essentially be working twenty four seven absolutely if you wanted to so I think it becomes key then to take that time out to do something on your own to do something with your family or your loved ones to do something with your mates however so it may be you need to be able to take that time out so let’s say on any given day I have in my schedule that I just wanna go hide myself away and we need a little bit so I don’t want to touch any of our our social media I don’t want to read the news I don’t want to go on to a news website start reading articles or watching the documentary I’m just gonna read (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I’ll pick up a book I listened to an audiobook but I’m not going to do anything else and that really provides me with that down time and through the down time I A. feel re energized I feel like our (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) paraded to an extent and then I’m good to go and like I said earlier I think taking a Sunday off by automating things and being able to spend time with my partner and my other family and friends and so on that enables me to get fresh and be prepared for what’s to come next and I think that is key and it’s something that I always thought I understood but I really started to realize along side running the start up and that’s enabled me to improve I wouldn’t say productivity because I I have my grievances against the use of the word productivity but rather (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) enabled me to grow as an individual and better utilize my time yeah understood yeah absolutely (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) you said something really interesting that and it just resonated with me which is you have time allocated for when you’re not working and I’m definitely guilty of not having the time ever allocate but I think it’s very important for us or to have that moment we was still for a few moments (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) we take a moment to read a book like you said and just knowing that that’s there it’s almost like a safe place especially form a mental health overwhelm stress perspective for myself is also something I’m definitivamente so I’m also interested you said you got some grievances with the where productivity what did you mean by that Seoul look I think we (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) life is generally extremely fast paced (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) particularly in parts of the world (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) such as those in which you and I live and we’re always on the run we’re always trying not physically but always trying to get from one end to the other that could be fired commuting that could be achieving a task or getting something done and I think tying in with what I said earlier sometimes you need to stop and breathe and with this idea of productivity that you’re only gonna accomplish what you set out to do if you keep on pushing or hustling or staying on the grind or you know being steady on that grind whatever the the language maybe that you choose to presented by (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) is that really true because if we’re talking about things like mental health and stress like you touched on it earlier you’re eventually going to reach a point where you burn out you’re gonna react to it and say Hey I I’m completely gonna shut down for a few days or you’re just gonna crash and who knows what the health impacts of that maybe and I think yes it’s great to do your work do it with passion do it with love enjoy it achieve what you’re trying to do but you don’t always have to be productive and that is the idea that if I’m not working I need to be achieving this if I’m not achieving this I need to be doing this and if not that then that no it’s okay if you’re not doing anything for a while because then you will gradually get healthier not just physically but also mentally you’ll have more time to think and most importantly you will be able to reflect because you’ll be spending time away from doing what you do and in turn you will be able to better assess how you’ve been doing what you’re doing I think that’s my grievance not perhaps just with the word productivity but the idea of productivity and how everything has to be productive in this day and age absolutely got some diagnostic as such a fantastic onsite factors so really refreshing perspective and as you were saying that I was like wow because this is something I implemented yesterday you mentioned something about stopping a breathing I’m we don’t always have to feel like we’re doing something to move forward and I’m one hundred percent guilty of that so if I’m sitting there watching Netflix for example I have this thing in the back of my head thinking I should be creating content I should be maybe doing a podcast so maybe right at blog for example awaken in the business and it’s it’s not a great place to come from to be honest because what you tend to do is you beat yourself up in the moments where maybe you need that time to stop and breathe because we’re in a society like you said it’s very fast paced way almost in this rat race trying to do more be more create more but sometimes less is more so if you’re committed to not only enhancing your mental health but also your physical well being too then you need to check out our new sponsors help fix out providing you the best superfoods leads on the market in the non GMO vegan gluten free and of course (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) got it for me as they bring you superfoods like no others you have seen on the market they also don’t just stop there as a provide you free consistent information to educate and empower are you on your overall health and well being journey so don’t just stop at the end of the find your voice episode get yourself some excel blades and put the odds in your favor what’s it goes live there will also be a unique discount for anyone he comes from the far edge of voice podcast as you guys are not part of my family I not only want to see you thrive even though so check out the links in the description below to get notified as soon as they go live but to the episode and look I mean you know I’m saying it but I’ve been guilty of that as well and it’s it’s a process that doesn’t come to you instantly it doesn’t just happen it takes time you have to be mindful of it you have to try and create that discipline you have to have the right support network around you so you know you said you went for a walk with your wife and that really helped you might my wife as well is really supportive of my family members are really supportive that enables me to the that basically creates that system or structure for me to consider doing these things and I think that we all to an extent in enterpreneurs ship are guilty of that as you said earlier absolutely Zeeshan I want a Segway than ever so slightly sometimes it’ll be us this at the beginning of the show and I’m always intrigued to understand why people do what they do so for yourself what is your intrinsic motivation for why you do what you do yeah that’s a that’s a really interesting one aren (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I could I would first start off with the summary all for it like I wanna specifically give this one quote that I try and live by and and it’s sort of stuck with me since I first read it which is are the famous Greek philosophers Socrates he said all all I know is that I know nothing and it’s a simple few words but it is so profound the idea that the moment that I as an individual think that I know something that’s when my knowing or learning process stops and that is the problem because it’s it’s a question of your ego where you think if I know something then I don’t necessarily need to know anything else whereas if I know nothing then I’m always curious I’m always seeking I’m always trying to learn and that interestingly enough is also a part of what we try to do what sport teaches but which sports is that we want to go and talk to an athlete who for example sake we I recently did an interview with an athlete who by the age of twenty four had professionally played two sports and had to retire because the doctor said to him that his injury may be life threatening so you should forget about sports and start thinking of being able to live a normal life again now we don’t hear about these things because we only see the glitz and glamour and to be able to provide that other side of the story that in a way is something that we are all learning enhanced we’re continuing to grow so that aspect of what I do not just in my day job but also with the start up and in the other time that I have reading or watching the documentary or what even the movie if I am able to learn something I am happy and I felt I feel that I have grown and I feel that that is essentially my purpose where I am gaining knowledge and I’m able to impart with it even if it’s minimal if that article with that athlete help someone else speak out against the issues around mental health in sports or in team sports or whatever so it may be and help someone with their well being than in directly I did some good for someone in the process I learned something and I was able to pass on that knowledge and that’s what drives me I love the answer and (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) you can see me right now because we do this just by oreo and (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu)(Finding your purpose Find Your Voice Podcast) just nodding all the way through that because not something not very recently as up worked on self awareness predominantly for the last twelve months it’s something that I recognize to always be a learner I thought you raise a question so another question for you know for you on the spot here love if I made my friend which is you mentioned about the athletes how we only see the get to the glory but we don’t necessarily see the other side of the office team nice speaking with you on this conversation you might sign on to somebody else that you have it all figured out but I know none of us really have everything figured out and like you said you’re a learner you’re on the same journey is myself so one of the things I believe that teaches us a lot in life is adversity it teaches us resilience with his wisdom or just forces us to have to grow even if you don’t want to grow have you got any examples of maybe rented face T. came into your life where you were hit with an obstacle or challenge that really force you to grow as an individual and what lessons did you learn from that (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) absolutely so I’ll go up I’ll talk about when I was (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) studying at the university of Queensland in Brisbane do my undergraduate degree I went in to study accounting (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) as an accountant and I did a bachelors in commerce and during that time it says sort of what you touched on earlier so I always had a knack for it I just didn’t know if I necessarily wanted to do it or not but obviously my my parents saw that you know that was a good thing you should go ahead and do it and I did it and I could not deal with it it was extremely stressful I it was far too monotonous for me I would fail to go to my classes because I was so demotivated I was doing really bad at university it was really really tough and to say that all it was all good and everything worked out no I then added another degree so I did two degrees which was the second degree being political science and I managed to finish them and end up in academia having never to do accounting again but the process of finishing university and then finding the job force in the I think over the course of six months I applied to over two hundred and fifty jobs and got rejected every single one often without even interviewing so (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I was always the not doing something right or they didn’t necessarily find what they were looking for in me but that was really hard and I did I I thought this was it I’m I’ve you know I’ve had all this experience (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu)(Finding your purpose Find Your Voice Podcast) growing up with all these people now living in my fourth city at that time there’s so much ahead of me but I feel like this is it this is doom stay right here and I’m done and dusted but looking at it now I guess you know thankfully it wasn’t and I see you know it’s interesting as I’m telling you this summer selecting on how that time’s gone by again and I had the right friends and I have the right support though that my family became really supportive and eventually I got into that space all social sciences and the political science and I made my way there but it was not easy and you know there were days where I thought you don’t have a and I have failure like what have I done have I done anything what were the four and a half years doing two undergraduate degrees for but I guess I kept pushing through and I kept trying and you know the academia was in a lot of pay it was still a struggle I was still are really getting on my own two feet and you know today here I am still figuring things out but obviously our with age with age I guess a bit of maturity comes as well and you make some of the right decisions and of course you learn and I’ve been able to learn and I’ve been able to grow so yes I’ve overcome that adversity but I don’t think that that may necessarily have been the biggest challenge that I’ve had in my you know a few years on this planet saw city think that is something though not many people listed whatever country I mean you said just a few seconds but this was a way you almost feel this is it this is doomsday by a failure my life’s over a report had those moments where in the midst of the adversity we feel like it’s the end of the road but one thing I would always say to everyone is that I know it’s a city not obviously because speak from hindsight is that it’s not over and what you think is the biggest problem most lightly for five years you’re never remember again but I think that’s an important lesson and I think it’s nice to get different examples and perspectives from people because sometimes people listen to this and that might not have gone through the adversity that some of the guests of country it is a difficult one because we all do face it but overcoming it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get over it in the day it may take a month it may take a year or even longer but you know if you persist you will get there and you look after yourself during that process I would say is really important because that’s probably the area that I struggled with the most during that time absolutely absolutely I’m always encouraging people to just enjoy the process trying to enjoy what you come from and obviously look after yourselves transition on that note then I wanted to proceed to the fun part of the show and the phone by the shows where the list is can get to know you a little bit more where I ask you random questions let’s go okay and what is your favorite hobby climbing J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar J. Cole your favorite movie I’d say the lord of the rings trilogy your biggest mistake last year probably (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) getting into my start up okay your favorite motivational speaker I I really really liked the things that Kobe Bryant had to say absolutely true true if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend it Chillin out the best lesson anyone has ever told you might my dad once said to me (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) no one gives you second chances and when I was younger I didn’t get it but I do now give your heart and soul essentially if you can get the listeners to do one thing starting today what would it be if you’re working hard take a break your favorite artist to park if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be all I’m gonna I’m gonna get really sentimental here and say poverty why you secretly good at that nobody knows I think a few people know but most people have forgotten (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) probably wrapping interest initially got you to rap on this that the ability to read minds or predict the future (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) that’s (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) that’s a good one because I can see so many cons and both of them but (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) yeah I think I think (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) goal with predicting the future just because yeah I’m because I know you’re a music fine what song best describes your life yeah you’ve put me on the spot there now there’s like thousands of songs going through my head (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) get up stand up by Bob Marley I’m not I’m not that fantastic okay so that brings us to the end of the fun part of the show and the next question I have for you it’s about reflection actually and we briefly touched on this earlier in the episode so I’m a firm believer that hindsight is a wonderful thing and on reflection we can always think of ways to get to where we are quicker easier with less heartache but at the same time I believe the journey teaches a so so much as well so what I want to know is if you could go back in time to one moment but you really struggled well maybe you suffered with adversity knowing everything that you know not and you can just whisper something in your is what would you say I’d say it’s okay to feel the way that you’re feeling because you will get through it you may not know that yet but you will get through it so except how you’re feeling I looked up I side decision that does bring us to the last question of the episode of the last question I always ask my guess is about legacy so if a hundred fifty years time signs about save this and all that exists is a book and this book it’s about you it’s about your life it’s about one of the amazing incredible things that you’ve done a lot of the places that you’ve been in order the lives that you’ve impacted firstly what with the town of apple B. and secondly what with the summary at the back tell us about you to love it love it love it that’s that that’s that’s a good one title of the book (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) all right (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) you can you really got me for thus the H. dusted you told me you are a creative thinker so well I thought we had a spot soon (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I think I think the title of the book would be something along the lines of having done so much and may be achieved a little I think that’s a that’s a good that’s a good title and I think the summer you would say tried several things enjoy them along the way and perhaps influenced a few people and by doing so brought greater purpose and meaning to people’s lives by enriching them on classic on sept so just before I give you a chance to connect with the listeners and to let us know the best place that we can contact you or maybe for you (Finding your purpose Find Your Voice Podcast) if that’s okay with yourself are there any questions that you wish I’d asked you in this interview or is there any final thought she wanted me to dismiss me I don’t think there are any questions (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) that I wish you had asked me because I think all the questions were really really interesting in terms of what I’d like to leave the this is where is what has I feel been sort of the over arching theme of our discussion sit back relax work hard work passionately and take your time you’ll get there and you’ll be happy about it I love the I love that thank you for sharing that so this is what is the best place that people can connect with you and follow you on your journey yes (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) me personally I am very active with my own personal profile on linkedin so if you go in and search opposition Hashemi I won’t be too hard to find most of my other (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) I guess public works is through sport ages and you can find us on Facebook Instagram linkedin as well if you just put in sport ages on Twitter where we’re really busy as well (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) it’s forte just one and if you want to get in touch with me you can holler at me through link then or you could send me an email on your show and that’s what he just broke (Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu) and I’d be happy to get back to you fantastic well I will do is to make everyone’s life easier is open all the information in the show notes I just wanna take this moment to thank you from the other side of the world well almost one o’clock now in the morning for taking time out of your day to come and share this story with us it’s been an absolute pleasure tough to get to know you for the list as a whole thank you for listening fantastic mate really appreciated it and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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