Finding happiness after the death of your spouse part 2/2 #17

Finding happiness after the death of your spouse part 2/2 #17
louise blyth losing a spouse to cancer overcoming death find your voice aren deu death of spouse

Find your voice – Episode 17- “Wonderfulness of Life” – Louise Blyth #17 Part 1

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The death of a spouse has to be one of the biggest fears we face. It would also likely be one of the toughest things a person can ever go through.

Tagline: “Be the captain of your fate and master of your soul”

Louise Blyth, is an incredible lady who has experienced just that. She spoke about losing the love of her life, George Blyth tragically to cancer. Simply thinking about the death of my own spouse, is discomforting. So I acknowledge Louise for bravely sharing her story. I also acknowledge her for finding happiness again and utilising her adversity for good.

With cancer now affecting 1 in 2 families it has become a far to common occurrence. But unlike any other story Louise world took a massive turn. Sadly Louise lost her spouse to this tragic illness we call cancer.

Experiencing a supernatural event during George’s final 2 days was something that Louise never expected. In fact when she explained it, even I was shellshocked! During his final last few days Louise story explains how she truly had a supernatural occurrence that would change the course of her life forever!

Her beliefs, perceptions and outlook on the world were shifted forever! From a non-believer she found herself becoming a believer. Furthermore, she found herself finding, what she describes as “the greatest love all of us could ever know” in those incredible moments.

2 parts to this beautiful story

A 2 part special episode, this incredible story does not lean entirely on an emotional tale. I was surprised at this, but also encouraged. It will have you in tears of sadness, despite its tragic theme.

Instead, Louise shared tears of happiness. For me as a host, seeing someone recover from grief and finding a bigger purpose and understanding of their purpose in the world was enlightening. It takes over the story’s narrative and leaves you feeling rather refreshingly happy. She found her gift in midst of the adversity. It shows that even in the saddest of circumstances someone can continue their life in a positive, fulfilling way.

Now a widow of 2 children, Louise has created The Wonderfulness of Life which focuses on, Happiness being a choice and a state of mind.

I am sure you will all agree this story truly warranted 2 episodes. If anyone can take anything positive away from this, it is to cherish all the moments we have with our loves ones. Continue to find blessings in whatever cards we are dealt in life.

I also encourage you to follow Louise as she is now preparing a book. I hope to have her back on the show and see how her journey has transpired. She is truly a magnificent lady, who proves how strong the human soul is capable of being.

Her journey, is authentic, emotional, fruitful and endearing. She is truly someone who is destined to leave her mark on this world.

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