Understanding your pain and why you should meditate #31

Understanding your pain and why you should meditate #31

“Follow your heart” by Lara Waldman #31

Tagline: “Trust in yourself, trust in your heart & trust your inner knowing.”

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An abundance activator, a manifestation expert, a healer and author. Lara Waldman is an incredible woman. Lara opens up in this episode of Find Your Voice and speaks about the power of understanding your pain. This was a huge topic for this conversation, as we can all resonate with some level of adversity. Having suffered with trauma growing up due to her mother leaving, she has had to learn the hard way. She has learnt about balancing herself on all aspects of her life. This includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. Lara also pointed out the importance of recognising that we never truly arrive at our destination.

How important is that to recognise?

How often are we striving for goals, only to achieve them and then alter the goal posts or increase the target? Is this a gift or a curse? Either way, whatever it actually is, we have to recognise that we will never achieve an end destination. Life is simply a journey. It is a journey that will sadly end one day. Therefore, we need to try to maximise our potential whilst we can. We need to leave our mark and push ourselves. Or at least I hope you feel this way, especially as a dedicated listener.

Back to Lara

Lara explains the areas in our lives that we may struggle in and need to acknowledge. A real emphasis on self awareness is one of the key themes behind this episode, which can help you all massively. We both agreed that seeing the pain in our lives as a gift can massively transform your current life. We then discussed rather interestingly, the importance of understanding your mind and ego. By taking time to truly do this you can discover the real true goals you need to achieve to become more successful.

Slow down

So, back to Lara and her nuggets of wisdom. Because society has it’s way of making us all rush and work long continuous hours we need to occasionally slow down. Lara states of the importance of slowing down, to effectively move forward quicker. This is because it is in the slowing down that we truly find ourselves. This will also be a great way into learning about yourself and understanding your pain.

Furthermore, she speaks about finding clarity in the business and being connected on all aspects of our life and fully in tune with who we truly are. A very thought-provoking interview that has since left me, doing meditation now and practising more mindfulness. But despite realising how far I am from where I want to be, and recognising the areas of my life I have neglected, the excitement lies in knowing what needs to be done. Now, just like many of you, it is all about execution and understanding ourselves and moving forward in life.

Some key discussion points:

  1. The importance of meditation
  2. Finding balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  3. Finding the gift in the purpose of our pain
  4. Understanding your pain
  5. Achieving true success

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