How to be happy and combat anger #29

How to be happy and combat anger #29

“Happiness abound” by Taylor Proctor #29

Tagline: “We are all capable of happiness abound”

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What an incredible episode this was. How to be happy and combat anger.

Two of the most important topics, for me at least. Irrespective of who you are, we all want to be happy and fulfilled.

Furthermore, for anyone who struggles to control their anger this episode will help you. It will give you tangible takeaways that you can implement today!

My vulnerabilities

If I am completely honest and share my own vulnerabilities with this particular interview. I feel I wasn’t at my best. I felt Taylor touched on so many things that resonated with me and reminded me of how far I still have to go on my journey. As a result of this it almost became a self realisation exercise. This then threw me off course as it may be noticeable in the episode. But what it didn’t do was throw Taylor off. She delivered incredible value. It is for reason I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have connected with Taylor. I truly believe she will teach you all something tangible and useful to take away in your lives.

CLEAR model

Also I know myself personally, I will be implementing the CLEAR model myself to move my own personal development forward. I hope you can all do this too. She is an incredible woman, who also openly admits to not being this way her whole life. She shares her vulnerabilities and the fact that it has been a process for her too.

I genuinely believe the tangible steps and tips that Taylor shares just in this episode alone can make you all happier, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want more happiness in their life eh?

More importantly for anyone who can relate to the anger issues this is for you. It will give you hope. It will also give you a huge insight in to why we are the way we are. Also, finally I can honestly say it has helped me handle my emotions within the first week!

Some key discussion points:

  1. How to control your anger
  2. Self love
  3. CLEAR model
  4. Embracing the process

Remember whatever you are going through in life today, that you are ‘not broken’. We can all heal, and we and grow as Taylor shows. Furthermore, she also shares that the journey never stops, and we are always learning. Go and support her and follow her podcast and journey in the links below:

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