How Cancer and Thoughts can change your life #28

How Cancer and Thoughts can change your life #28

“Think Carefully” by Pete Sanga #28

Tagline: “How cancer and thoughts can change your world for the better”

Cancer and thoughts can both affect your life both physically and mentally. Realising how cancer and thoughts can either negatively or positively affect your world is today’s podcast episode topic.

Pete Sanga, shares his story and opens up bravely about his battle with cancer and overcoming his own thoughts. We agreed that it is almost like we all wait for something bad to happen to wake us up. For us to really take life serious and realise each day we lose, we will never gain again only hits home when tragedy strikes. Each second we spend not being grateful, we lose a moment to be grateful. Each moment we spend being sad, we lose a moment to be happy. Every second we spend doing things we dislike, we miss out on fulfilment.

Yet when something bad happens, we can sometimes have a realisation that life is important, precious and beautiful. We then start to live in the present and appreciate the smaller things. Well at least for a while.

But Pete has had to learn the hard way

Pete Sanga bravely shared his story of how cancer and controlling his thoughts has massively changed his life and future. He speaks of tangible tips we can all use and incorporate to live a life of happiness, gratitude and fulfilment without having to go through cancer like he did.

A truly remarkable individual who gave off a beautiful energy and had an infectious aura about him. Someone much wiser than me with experience I was grateful to have received.

Some key discussion points:

  1. Cancer being a gift
  2. The importance of your thoughts.
  3. How to change your thoughts.
  4. Practical positive daily routines.
  5. Understanding that we control more of our life than we think.
  6. Age is nothing but a number.

I urge you to listen to this all the way through and implement some practical steps and tips that you can do for FREE in 10 minutes or less a day to really help you move forward in your life. These tips and tricks aren’t just for cancer survivors, or people who have overcome adversity. They can and should be important practices we all take on in our life to truly make the most of this short amount of time we have on this earth.

Let’s all start to find our voice today and write our own stories.

Let’s leave our mark on this earth before it’s too late.

Remember tomorrow never comes.

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