How to deal with Fear #27

How to deal with Fear #27

How to deal with fear #27

How to deal with fear by aren deu find your voice podcast

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How to deal with Fear #27 by Aren Deu

Tagline: “Wouldn’t life be great if we wasn’t scared of anything?”

So I recently realised, that our brain is wired for survival not happiness. This definitely hit home when I sat there a few weeks ago and thought: “Wouldn’t it be incredible if I wasn’t afraid of anything”. So as a result of this I thought I would do a podcast on how to deal with fear.

After realising that this wasn’t feasible I felt I had to then learn to monitor it and control it. Seeing as fear will never go away, we need to try to at least live with it. Or else we are going to be a constant wreck of nerves, worry and stress. And on that note, remember the famous quote? “It’s not hard work that will kill you, its stress”.

I hope this short episode adds some value. I hope you take on the 3 tips at the end too. Furthermore, I have also included an explanation around Fear to help move you forward and at least reduce your fear, worry or panicking by a little.

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Let’s connect and continue to push this movement forward.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode on how to deal with fear by Aren Deu

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