How to control your thoughts and manage depression #19

How to control your thoughts and manage depression #19
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Find your voice – Episode 19- “How to control your thoughts and manage depression.” – Alex Roberts #19

Tagline: “Do what you want to do, not what people want you to do “

Sadly, there is not a blueprint on how to manage depression. But there are several things we can do, that do not require medication. Our thoughts being the first, which are so, so important. Secondly we can utilise exercise too.

Now today’s guest has done both. Alex Roberts, was a recommended to me by a friend for whom I am thankful for. Little did I know he was actually a neighbour…well almost! However we soon found out it wasn’t just a postcode we shared. We also shared a love for personal training, fitness, heath and mindset. We both wanted to be happier, but also bring happiness to others.

More so from Alex who bravely who showcases his vulnerability by opening up on this episode. Alex discusses his depression, anxiety and struggles with after loss of his father. A genuinely humble guy who has achieved success by just being himself. He also finds fulfilment in helping people on a daily basis through his work. His approach to self talk and feed his mind with positivity has inspired and motivated me personally.

Furthermore, he hits on so many key aspects during this interview that we can all implement. These are simple steps we can take on board to enhance our levels of happiness and mindset

A shining example that what you see, isn’t what you always get. This episode showcases the importance of never judging a book by its cover. People may smile, but deep down remain sad. People may cry for help, but often through words or actions, not tears.

I thank Alex for his openness, his bravery and for being an all round great guy. I urge you all to support and follow his journey. He is a great person to know and connect with.

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