Drugs, Cartels & finding God #5

Drugs, Cartels & finding God #5
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Drugs, cartels, gangs and finding god. What an episode this truly was. Click photo to listen Find your voice – Episode 5 – Look up by Ashley Nixon #5

Tagline: “So you sort of look at the victories of the past, and you rely on them for victories in the future”



I love my job. Podcasting allows me to meet some of the best people in the world. Ashley Nixon was no different. I recall even until this day, (midway through 2019) the hairs on my arm raising as he was sharing his incredible story on the Find Your Voice Podcast. Funnily enough, I actually knew Ashley during my boxing years, but we never really spoke! I actually kick myself, that we didn’t because post this episode he is someone I am proud to call my friend.

Back story

Ashley Nixon grew up with rage. His life was turmoil and often spiralling out of control as he put it. Being consistently uprooted and having nowhere to call his home, he was often seeking some level of grounding. He would also have battling conflicting thoughts with his own mind that would prevent him ever moving forward in the right direction.

Drugs, prison and fighting

Drug abuse, prison, fighting both in and out of the ring was the next chapter for Ashley Nixon. He found himself dealing with well-known drug cartels and gangs through the choices he was making. He often found himself living a life destined for jail or death. Funnily enough he knew this too, but was unable to change it.

However, as with everything, we are often presented with choices where we can make a decision that can change the course of our life. Fortunately for Ashely it was during his time in prison, Ashley had a realisation towards a better life. His purpose almost became apparent. The moment itself, is explained in more detail in the actual episode, so I won’t give you any spoilers. But Ashey knew with hard work, the right mindset and devoting himself to a larger cause he could finally live a fulfilled and happier life. Ashley is now on his path to serving others and making a massive difference in the world. It is a warm feeling knowing someone, destined for failure has now set himself up for success.

Follow his journey

His genuine personality, of wanting to serve and now his love for himself having been accepted by the lord, as he puts it, has given him a new life. Born again, is how he describes it and shows that anyone, despite their past mistakes or actions can truly turn their life around.

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