Speaking all things Mental Health with Dr Kayla Marmaros

Speaking all things Mental Health with Dr Kayla Marmaros

Speaking all Things Mental Health with Dr Kayla Marmaros, PhD, MS, LMHC, CBT on episode #117 of the Find Your Voice Podcast

“Selfless Kayla” by Dr Kayla Marmaros

Wow what an informative episode, I am grateful to share with you today with the amazing Dr Kayla. As you may tell from this episode, my own anxiety was a little up in the air but I managed to salvage myself and move the conversation to the insightful Kayla who drops some incredible words of wisdom.

For anyone struggling with anxiety, guilty, depression or mental health than this episode will certainly help you find your voice and more importantly get your health back on track. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and please do check out and support Kayla below:

Pillar Mind and Behavior offers counseling services that use evidence-based treatments to address emotional distress, behavioral concerns, and psychological diagnoses that are interfering with day-to-day living. The private and comfortable office provides a safe space for children, adolescents, and young adults to confront and work through personal challenges. Taking that first step can be intimidating, but showing up for oneself is often half the battle.

The mission of Pillar Mind and Behavior is to provide quality client care while serving as a source of support, knowledge, and guidance for each individual.


[07:25] Anxiety explained by Dr Kayla

[19:20] The importance of Exposure Therapy

[26:10] Restructure your thoughts

[38:30] How we always judge ourselves

[56:20] Final Message about therapy approach

Episode on forgiveness:

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Speaking all things Mental Health with Dr Kayla Marmaros #117 Find Your Voice

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