Control the Controllables – How to survive during Corona Isolation

Control the Controllables – How to survive during Corona Isolation

Control the Controllables – How to survive during Corona Isolation is an episode to help you during the current adversity we are all experiencing.

In a time of huge uncertainty, where fear is upon many of us, and we often feel helpless, defenceless and desperate we need to ensure we regain control of our lives. We need to eliminate our excuses irrespective of how good or true they may be.

We need to overcome this adversity and move forward in life. The best way to do this, is to truly control the controllables and recognise that in the midst of this current climate, with Corona (COVID-19) taking its toll on the world, we still have so much control of the rest of our lives. Our thoughts, bodies and minds are still within our control should we recognise this and work towards ensuring we master it.

“Always try to Control the Controllables”

Aren Deu

I urge you all to just listen to this episode or check out the YouTube and really use this time to benefit your life moving forward. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to reach out.

1. Your sleep routine is so crucial.

2. Your nutrition, both hydration and the food you consume.

3. How to speak to yourself (especially if your self-isolated). Your thoughts impact your emotions & actions.

4. What you choose to listen and watch (I am all for Netflix, and Amazon) but I am so against things that do not serve my mindset.

5. How you look after your physical body (Exercise at home) ?

6. How you treat others (a dog eat dog world). Let’s not act like animals and be kinder and more compassionate and not let desperation take over our values.

7. Future proof yourself, if this happens (Formulate a plan and ensure if you are struggling this does not happen again. We have to learn from our moments of adversity and circumstances)

8. Levels of gratitude more so now than ever.

9. Learn a new skill. Language, online course or something you’ve always wanted to do. Write, blog, podcast do it today!!

Covid19, Covid-19, Corona Virus is just a phase of adversity we are all capable of overcoming and prospering from.

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I was an introvert is quite nice to not have to fill without pressure of having to communicate with a lot of people to be out there so I’m almost in my comfort zone but one thing I will say is you have such a massive opportunity not to really enhance your mind really start to at least acknowledge the things are coming into your mind at least the end make a choice is this saving me or should I really think of an alternative welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode I’ll find your voice my name is Iran and as always I am the host of the show so today will be speaking to you about something that I think is really really important in this current time of uncertainty that we’re all going through corona is pretty much sold out way hearing and I don’t want to make this into the podcast about the corona virus or about cold feet or anything about that because this is not me looking for any sort of kick bay or even trying to instill any level of fear into you to try to make you do something that I am not one hundred percent educated about it so what I do want to do is I want to give you something tangible something I’m very very confident that I can deliver and something that I feel will massively massively still help you in this extreme time of uncertainty so firstly my thoughts go out to any single person out there who is affected by this whether your ain’t always elation over the you have been a (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) yourself whether you’ve seen those around you suffer with illness all my thoughts go out to every single one of you but now I will more importantly for this episode while I want to try to do is make you at least put the odds in your favor at least not at this moment I had any more extra unnecessary stress on you than you already probably is so I need to control the controllable was then this is one of the managers I actually live by I always try I tried that’s the key word here to control the controllable is that so often in life we get overwhelmed especially somebody like myself I suffer with anxiety on a huge scale that that’s not always possible sometimes my brain is all over the place my body has given up on me almost instantly almost without I’ve even reminding me or give me a nudge that that’s what it’s about to do but I have to pick myself up and I have to keep going as I’m sure many of you have to you as well so this episode is for anyone who maybe is in isolation or is struggling with about a flu or whatever they say virus is doing to people I need you to start to control the controllable said to me it is very very quick and tangible this I’m grateful that you will see change in the second half promise you will leave this episode with some tips and with some tricks that you can instantly make sure that these few months or however long this takes are going to be the worst few months in fact they could actually be the best few months for you because you can put these odds in your favor you can develop some incredible hobbies they’re going to help you move forward and be so much better in the future so let’s get down to it in true find your voice style I have no in here and hope you’re gonna run through very very quickly so the first one is you can control your sleep routine so this might sound really stupid but one of the things I’m a huge advocate for is I was sleep we did us the property we do not recover we do not work out optimum we do not think I tell our best and especially for myself some freedom with ends I eat most of my life I recognize that when I have a good night sleep I’m so much better I’m not a mess I’m not jittery mess in the morning I’m able to think more clearly I’m able to articulate my thoughts a lot better and of course for all of you in this time with stresses have increased because I’ve seen a lot of people are very very desperately you want to be the best you possibly combi so make sure you do not sacrifice your sleep while you’re in isolation for example you can definitely get plenty of sleep the second one is your nutrition now (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) I don’t just mean the food that you re I also mean your hydration of is is off so one of the things I’m really shocked about and both I I should be shot because I’ve been in this industry for about nine to ten years in the health and fitness one is that people just don’t drink enough water and I’m just called by the man I’m not going to go around in circles and wonder why people clergy but I’m seeing things like shape because almost reminding you to drink water not silly that’s fine if you need a reminder that’s absolutely fine but one of the things you can do what your realization is ten that top pour yourself a jogo a a Cup of water or a mug of war to wherever you want to put that war to just make sure you hydrate yourself and then of course make sure you’ve talked to for a job with as many fruits and vegetables as possible because one of the things we may not be able to do as much as Mr moving forward is to get out and about so if we’re not expecting that much energy the last thing we want to be doing is just sit down in potato chips or they would sign is really really good by the way but it’s not going to benefit you it’s not gonna help your brain health is not gonna help your mental health and is definitely not gonna help your physical health so make sure you talk when you Tricia and you hydrate the third one is how you speak to yourself now this is a time where you’re probably gonna get a lot more time with yourself pretty crazy right because when you’re awake most of the time where speaking to colleagues away busy with clients so we’re just doing things that is going to keep in mind a few part but if you’re anything like me and actually you might be over the next few weeks you’re gonna be working at home and you’re gonna be stuck by yourself maybe I’ll even be talking to a camera and a microphone let myself right now but what you gonna recognize is that in these moments is your thoughts will consistently show up and they will be sold difference so random that you’re going to be thinking wow is this time a brave things on a daily basis now the problem is is a lot about those are probably negative as well respective of higher positive you may think you are because we are we we are because of the things that we’ve been doing most of our life for most of us now we have social media I kicked a man if you also what’s the news is also most likely you’re gonna be C. negative social media articles coming your way videos messages and it’s gonna make you start to think negatively so I really need to start to make sure that at least when you speak to yourself it’s in a positive manner so deals affirmations do those things I mentioned on previous podcast about how to stay confident how to overcome fear how to deal with your worries and your as I ease and really try and be your best friend in this moment almost tried tortilla stuff the way that you would talk to your best friends to your loved ones to your mom your dad your siblings your kids try and see that way and really be calling to yourself over the next few weeks months or maybe even a year number four just as important as that is what you put into your mind that you can control is our gain control the controllable is one of the things you can control is not watching that much news I mean I don’t remember the last time I ever watched the news because for me it was always very very depressing and it was very kind of those off again they’re in and out I wanna go down that rabbit hole so what I do is I make sure that the stuff I consume is going to enhance my knowledge moving forward or is just going to make me happy and it’s just going to entertain me listen I’m not here to say we should not be watching Netflix or watching them is it because I spend a hell of a lot of time doing both I mean if you want any recommendations I definitely recommend money heist on Netflix and also recommend this is us on (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) is in a completely different type of show but one that I actually had me bawling my eyes out for a whole week so listen while we’ve all been unlocked I’m one of the things I have been doing is watching a bit of television here and there but other than that one of the things I do do is I read books I listen to books by audio I listen to podcasts because I want to make sure the (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) enhancing my mind will have the chance especially because life is so hectic and almost all is slow down and I was an introvert is quite nice to not have to fill without pressure of having to communicate a lot of people to be out there so I’m almost in my comfort zone but one thing I will say is you have such a massive opportunity not to really enhance your mind really start to at least acknowledge the things are coming into your mind at least there and make a choice is this saving me or should I really think of an alternative number five how you look after your physical body now I’d mentioned earlier is very difficult to go to the gym I have been playing with my mind and I once I don’t really want to go to the gym because it’s the only kind of exercise I do in the day but on the other side I don’t wanna fact nobody else especially the elderly people as well so I’m told but I would Jim has recently released the news that way they’ve got more stuff now within the cleaning and that kind of separate the equipment so I felt quite comfortable going today and I made sure I stayed away from the elderly people in the gym and I felt so much better yesterday before I can use that to all it was actually scared to do so so what I actually did find myself doing was working out at home so I did under baby sales press ups tricep dips (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) some mountainous I just a couple of things that I’m basically what that did is it got my heart rate going I felt alive again I did a couple of stardom sent we need to move our bodies where humans you’ll need to move our bodies but also we need to look after our bodies as well I. cardiovascular health and our brain health so that’s why I did that was my low thirty minutes of exercise black double above us and I just felt better about myself so if you want to come home this is not a shameless plug by the way because there is nothing to really put but I used to do and fitness work a long time ago and I have a huge each other is a very old you should try to call China your stroke go on there there’s some homework I videos from jumping off myself as I’m doing all this crazy stuff it’s not monetize I get nothing out of it but they’re awesome videos there for anyone struggling in terms of how dole whip got home or better yet ruckus Oswald and go for a ride just make sure you know running into people as well on the way number six how you treat others so and gain control of the control boys we are in a time where people are pushing people just to get some toilet roll people are nudging people people are being rude just a soft and that really really upsets me that something the I just don’t I just don’t like I don’t understand why we have to be on call end and your compassion towards one another so in this moment one of the things you can control is how you speak to people so with us via social media without smartphone court or actually your neighbors who you may come in contact with in the mornings or afternoons or evenings be nice be kind to one another trying to help people in this moment because sometimes some people just need a helping hand because we don’t know what other people are going through in their life number seven future proof yourself this is a key key opportunity that if your business or if your lifestyle or your job or your way cal you physique or whatever it is is struggling now because your in isolation then you need to start to future proof yourself it may show that you have the right systems in place or hobbits in place that this doesn’t happen in the future for example if you were planning on losing weight because you have a wedding or holiday in a few months time and now you call and get to the gym you’re stuffed are you so why not stop being that person you only exercising gets into shape for holidays or occasions why not make yourself healthier throughout your life why not improve your lifestyle at the same time if you’re a business owner for example and you’re struggling now because all of a sudden you having to close up shop use this time to develop something else maybe look at online opportunities maybe look up other streams of income maybe think what new skills that cannot develop now in the short amount of time where I can really just hone in on and really start to develop my skills that later on in life maybe six months down the line if this was to happen again this could bring me in some level of income or some clients that could potentially just hold me down for the next few months should something like this occur again so that’s something to I do I do a lot of courses I’m always enhancing my mind a lot of my work is online anyway and they also give me a chance just to create more content for you guys (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) hopefully does help move you forward hope you find your voice and of course go on and write your own story number eight gratitude gratitude gratitude gratitude what a time to be alive yes also fortunate now that we are hearing on the side deaths of so many people across the road I don’t know it’s not just now I know people are dying from all sorts of things but sometimes when FXS passed many IT keeps us in isolation that’s probably when we start to appreciate the things that we could do I you just go out and not have to worry about getting your hands of what the other person is done in terms of their sentry routine as well so this is something that is really really important something to encourage or just to do is living right you just be grateful that you have a roof over your head just be grateful that you can listen to this podcast thank you so much by the way for doing that and just be grateful that you have food in the fridge your family your loved ones hopefully there was safe is also this is a path a perfect time to living got you to make that part of your daily life so that when this period is over you just his gratitude and you are one of those people who expect nothing but appreciate everything I’m finally number nine learn a new skill it can be a language it can be alive because just like I mentioned previously but this is a perfect time to really land something that maybe you’ve always wanted to do you maybe want to learn the guitar an instrument go and do it just stuck in isolate a chi dog why do it you’re not isolation maybe order one and hold that somebody delivers it to you but now is a time where you can learn a new skill set for example I’m trying to brush up on my video editing skills so now I have a bit of time after this I’m gonna try and play around with it if I manage it the video should look pretty funky if not then yeah you know I found but that’s okay I’ll just get better next time and have a bit of time on my hands so you learn the skills so I’m gonna leave it there I apologize if this is going to be too long but seriously why you in this moment now uncertainty and with this mass media redeploying fail I just want you all to know that this is a great time to still be alive we should all be very very great for me still have an opportunity (subscribe to find your voice & control the controllables during corona virus – covid isolation) though it might not seem like it in this midst of adverse to have an opportunity now to excel and really grow ourselves to go out there and of course find our voice of thank you so much for listening please do check out the YouTube channel as well and we have exciting news that we are having a sponsor a very very very very soon so stay tuned for that as well have you solved a very safe week ahead and I look forward to speaking to you next time and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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