Child abduction prevention #7

Child abduction prevention #7
child safe find your voice podcast aren deu

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Find your voice – Episode 7 – The Way I Changed The World – Mus Jones Yafai

Tagline: “They are willing to do this, no matter the circumstances, no matter the time of the day, no matter who you are, they are willing to take your child, no matter what!”


Changing the world, to serve the younger generation

Mus Jones Yafai is a wonderful human being who needs your support in raising awareness for his wonderful cause, Child Safe. Having experienced a traumatic experience where his own child, was nearly abducted Mus became more vigilant. He has now made it his lifes purpose to ensure the public are aware of all the ways child abductors act. He wants to safeguard our children and parents with the right knowledge and awareness. Throughout this episode, Mus shared some shocking statistics that got me up off my seat. It is the first time I actually felt scared for anyone with children. I felt fear for my younger siblings and all the children out there This was not a taboo subject. It was a horrible thing that was happening on a daily basis!

Support the movement of child safe

I felt somewhat oblivious to all that was going on, only to really be woken up by this. I urge you all, to listen to this episode or at the very least follow Mus over on his social media outlets and help support this amazing cause to better safeguard the children of our future generations. Furthermore, I also have to note, that the scary thing about this all is Mus is a large grown man! He is a bodybuilder who is larger than your average male. With that being said, it makes these occurrences even scarier. These abductors do not care who the parents or guardians are. They will attack at any given time, at any place. So we all need to be aware as Mus explains.

Also, it’s not everyday you hug a grown bodybuilder the first time you see them! But that is what I love about this show. The pure genuine heart of some people, makes connections like this so invaluable. A friend for life, but more importantly someone serving humanity to make the world a better place. Mus has definitely found his voice, and I am sure we are thankful he has.

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