Change Your Habits to Change Your Life #68

Change Your Habits to Change Your Life #68

Change your habits to change your life. Morgan joins Aren on today’s episode where they’re talking about why you should change your habits to change your life. Alongside this she has had her fair share of career ventures until she really started to find her way via her habit coaching. Recognising, through self reflection, that her life was not heading the way it should have been, she swiftly realised it was her habits that were determining her levels of success and progress. As a result of this, she started to work on herself and changing her habits, to ensure her goals and life moving forward was the life she wanted.

“Just Do It!”

Morgan Gillis

She now coaches people with their daily habits, entrepreneurs mainly. But what makes it unique is she openly shares her flaws and vulnerabilities remaining fully transparent at not having it all figured out. Morgan has recognised she is just like all of us here, still finding her own voice and finding her way in the world.

A bundle of energy and one who is destined to achieve so so much more in 2020 and following years. I urge you all to follow her journey and get your positive habits started today! Remember if you can change your habits, you can change your life!

Key timestamps:

[04:45] Leaving the standard path of life

[12:30] Morgans lowest points in her life

[20:30] Morgans habits

[28:25] Embracing Fear

[36:55] Fun part of the show

[40:15] Trust your heart & Intuition

Key Quotes in this episode:

“Just do it” – Morgan

“I knew my story had power and had difficulty sharing it with anyone” – Morgan

“My habits were a hot mess, a hot mess” – Morgan

“I want to go here, but I am still a waitress” – Morgan

“I realised that money wasn’t the thing that drove me” – Aren

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Pippa Transcript (may not be 100%)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is Iran and as always I am the host of the show so today I’m delighted to have to bring to you an incredible episode and won the I feel is gonna massively massively help as as we transition into twenty twenty where we are now I hopefully over that food hang over I would not a little bit more so by with Christmas just gone and we’re ready to kick start achieve our goals but just on that note I sincerely hope you all had an absolutely incredible Christmas this was for me yes the one of the best Christmases I have had I have had and not silly the roller coaster Janie of a year with some incredible highs but also some devastating lows as well so to be able to spend time with my loved ones and and just have a moment of reflection to see how far the only I have come but those around me as well and just be surrounded by love and people that genuinely want to see the best for you there is nothing better than that and I hope every single one of you listed today also hide dot experience as well and if not I hope twenty twenty brings you so much more joy than twenty nineteen did so on that note I think it’s important to obviously into Jeez Morgan into the show she is the hobbits coach but why I think this episode is really important is because she’s not somebody who you probably like some Ahmadi guest house it kind of figured out and obviously we all don’t always have everything figured out but what we do you tend to find is that many of us have calling to find our way and found out voice before Morgan this seems to be almost like an important part of a journey that she’s reaching she’s kind of finding her voice now as we speak I just found a bit of a niece is something that you feel is not just only convert it into something that’s helping her thrive as well as a client so it’s about hobbits it’s about her life and I think this story is going to resonate with many of you because it was a lot of similarities between her story a multi storied tend to be both gave a corporate life we both went through a few things what we thought is this for me or should I be doing this or should I be doing that until we really both kind of fired I will weigh I. E. our voice so hope you enjoy this I gain I hope I gain a disorder could you take this moment to thank you with this is been an absolutely incredible year for find your voice and I promise to bring you more impact for the parcels more knowledge more wisdom and really help you transform your life in twenty twenty so we can all go out there and truly find a voice I begin right in our own story so without further ado let’s get this interview on the way okay fess the I would like to welcome login to today show of find your voice how you doing today I’m doing so good day before Christmas it is yes (Subscribe to find your voice) thank you obviously for taking time out of your day to day before Christmas to comment and share your story so that obviously means a lot and hopefully we can get this site next week so people can just be be recovering from too much taking into which I’ll call as well to hear something a bit more positive and you all the hobbits coach as well so hopefully we can kick start two thousand and twenty and maybe the last few days of two thousand nineteen in the Batman SLA I think it’s going to be really important to start the show to get everyone used to who you are and for you to maybe give a little bit of your back story so if you wouldn’t mind could you maybe just tell us about yourself and what brings you here today and find your voice for sure (Subscribe to find your voice) I understand that find your voice is a lot about (Subscribe to find your voice) kind of figuring out your own path in life and that’s something that has been an interesting road for me I’ve taken a lot of different pads (Subscribe to find your voice) only to bring it back to high school and just say like you know I started out thinking I was gonna work a job for you know forty years right you’re going to go to school and get ready organizing you’re gonna work this job in forty years and I started out (Subscribe to find your voice) I wanted to be a conservation officer some of the forestry school finish that got to the end I realize that that wasn’t really quite what I wanted didn’t love as much as I thought I was gonna love it and so then I said okay well I can’t I can’t find something that I really love (Subscribe to find your voice) then I’m just gonna go do something where I can make a bunch of money and I’ll do what I want my free time and so I switch from Porsche school when I went into engineering (Subscribe to find your voice) started going into engineering had a job again all laid out in front of me the path that I was on was it was in high demand so a company that I was doing a summer job work was like okay well we’ll pay for you to finish school and you can walk out you can come work for us and know how to really nice beautifully paved road out in front of me right and I started thinking of myself okay well dang it like this still isn’t really what I want and I started thinking Morgan you’re climbing a ladder here that you quite frankly you don’t want to get to the top of because I was looking around and thinking K. were you gonna be in five years ten years fifteen years are you happy with that and the answer really was now and so that was the point where I really kind of jumped off the beaten path it was really scary point for me I had always been like a a student like that’s really what I knew so it was a really weird thing to call my parents up and say Hey I’m dropping out of engineering as for the last person they ever expected to do that (Subscribe to find your voice) I was super into health and fitness I ended up wanting to pursue (Subscribe to find your voice) that passion didn’t really know how to do it but just knew I wanted to go that direction so I ended up dropping out of engineering packing up my car moving down to Memphis Tennessee (Subscribe to find your voice) internet across that Jim which were these guys that I found on YouTube I didn’t even know you know them okay they are just there to look for in a life that I wanted to live they were doing podcasts they were working now they were traveling around interviewing all these people they had this online business I was like man this is the life so I wanted to learn from them so I went down there to learn from them ironically when I got to the to the gym to do to start coaching they actually moved out to California because our podcasts was blowing up so I was like okay well I’m I’m here I went to hang out with these guys but they’re not there (Subscribe to find your voice) that’s fine I kinda just knew like in the back of my head that eventually I get to hang out with them so did my internship ended up later on getting the chance to go to California with them took a job as a social media manager learned about online business (Subscribe to find your voice) really learn how I could create that for my I self all the while I was taking my nutrition certifications and health coaching certifications and all that kind of stuff and yeah I pretty much had everything that I needed to build an online business with something that passion about Iran of going back on the camera and and the reality is for three years (Subscribe to find your voice) I got really stuck I was in my own way I just couldn’t really for lack of better words get my crap together (Subscribe to find your voice) and it wasn’t until last October like twenty eighteen that I really had a wake up on was like Morgan what are you doing with your life here like what are you doing why are you not we want to be in I really had to get really reflected in serious about like why I was stock and it was a really honestly is a really dark space for me (Subscribe to find your voice) and I just moved to a new city and didn’t really have any great friends and didn’t really have a lot of family there so it was like me super stock by myself just feel like the world was gonna end right (Subscribe to find your voice) but it it it was called for a lot of disappointment and that disappointment ended up spurring me into what I’m doing now which is like coaching people on habits and you know when I was in that space I realize like you know the problem here mortgage you’re just at your call your collection of shitty habits and it’s gonna be it’s gonna take a lot and (Subscribe to find your voice) Jim omentum to (Subscribe to find your voice) to change these weren’t gonna become your new auto pilot and your trajectories gonna changing going training down to trending up it just automatically so that’s kind of got me into what I’m doing today which is running his morning routine challenges a coach people other habits and and really helping people (Subscribe to find your voice) create a life of the business thing the magic that they could create okay this really interesting so there’s a few similarities actually between some of the stuff that you’re doing and I’m doing I still have she habits so I have a managed to muster that yep hoping after this episode acclaim from yourself but in terms of kind of my trajectory was kind of I was a straight a student at school and then I went to try and get money to obviously collide and then give me freedom never managed to achieve dot because I became very very unhappy very quickly when I realize that money wasn’t the thing that drove me basically health and fitness again I’ve been in health and fitness for the best pop almost nine years now as a personal trainer love it I love scene transformations of people not just from a physical aspect more from like a confidence destructive as well in terms of the way that they see themselves a view themselves so I absolutely love that I don’t think one of the important things that you that you mentioned was how you recognize that you were in your own way I knew you were stuck and then you are able to me that I’m not some see something really really import for Phyllis is a find your voice because many of us go to advance to me go through things in our life the card to think like why is this happening to us us know me the first question we cut to say to a cells white me or why is this happening and we have to recognize the actually we still have the capability or the power within this whether we choose it or not to change that as one I suppose that’s probably where your habits come in so if there is somebody not he’s may be stuck in their own ways and the and the struggling could you just give maybe a tangible take away (Subscribe to find your voice) something that they could maybe perhaps due to at least recognize that they’re in their own way yeah that’s an interesting question (Subscribe to find your voice) I would say like for me it was kind of it was kind of spurred on by the fall and and things slowing down at work in and and meet kind of getting reflective and be like okay well you’re really not where you want to be like your your off track right so I would say they have to get really honest with themselves right like really put a microscope is things and say like it’s it’s hard to do this we have to put a microscope to it and be like okay this is what I want this is where I am like you have to really take a look at this and decide like if you keep doing what you’re doing right now every day are you going to get where you want to go like if every day looks like today are you gonna end up we want we want to be and if the answer is no it’s almost back to that Steve Jobs thing right where he like looked in the mirror I think yeah that think we like looked in the mirror every date set if you know if I keep going this way like I am I am I happy with this right if the answer was no too many times in a row it’s like you need to change something and it takes courage it takes insane courage to do that but like get honest with yourself and it’s it’s hard to get honest with yourself but you kind of have to because you can just be me not really taking an accurate stock where you are and where you’re gonna end up right and then later it’s just it’s just super you know it if you’re going to figure it out sooner or later but you may look out I think that’s a great point I think we can obviously probably recognize that could be both change course of ochreous many times but the some people who may not have a do that in whatever they’re doing but it does definitely take courage because you have to almost criticize yourself and actually we have to put the onus on us all to say well this is that you come to my phone and I’ve been there myself in terms of I’ll be doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results you know what the famous quote says that’s the definition of insanity nothing for any of us to move forward we need to look at what you want to be looking your actions on a daily basis and see if I just continue to keep doing these actions what I become that person and I think what you’re trying to say yeah if you recognize in that moment you not gonna become that person you definitely need to change your habits yeah on a percent okay so just on that then so let let’s look into a hobbit coach like yourself then how did you first thought that process was a matter of okay I’m gonna change the tree my whole life and tomorrow I’m gonna wake up at this time Richard explains that or was it a small incremental change (Subscribe to find your voice) it was definitely not it was it’s so funny to even explain like how much but she had faith that I was just a year and a half ago which is great I don’t know I got there but it was not it was not big things it was really small thing so when I left California had all that stuff to build the business and I had mine might coaching certifications and I knew how to do it like I had everything I need right I’m in when I went back home I picked up a serving job so I was waiting tables at night and and try to build my business in the day right and I was doing that for way too long I was little I literally had a certain job was trying to build this nutrition thing for like two or three years right until last October it was just at this point where I had left my coaching practice go down to almost zero (Subscribe to find your voice) there’s just my whole life is a mess basically I was getting up super late I was sleeping in my health habits were very good I wasn’t going to the gym I was eating chocolate bars for breakfast I was just like a waste of space right and then I was getting myself ready in going into work at like five o’clock at night living the server life and getting up late just under Pete right under Pete and sold my habits were a hot mess like a hot mess and so for me I started really small with really small things one of them was you know I realize like you said you can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results right and so I said to myself Morgan what you’re doing isn’t working so what do you need to change and one of them was I needed to get clear on what my goal was and why I wanted it and I needed to review it every single day like I’d heard for a long time that you should be with you in your role every day or you should be visualizing everyday or whatever and I wasn’t doing it well Morgan you’re not doing this and it’s not get you where you want to go see you guys are doing this right so I just did that and I started just reviewing it just going over it like reading the one sentence and and why I wanted to to make that happen every single morning right (Subscribe to find your voice) one of the things I started doing was my energy was super low in the morning (Subscribe to find your voice) and I just wasn’t that motivated and I just didn’t really want to get a bad and I was kind of like procrastinating it wasn’t taking action and so one of the things was to energize myself I started drinking five milliliters of water in the morning right just to kind of like get myself up (Subscribe to find your voice) and I just I just slowly layered on like these these tiny little things like one of them was drinking water one of them was getting my but outside of just going for a quick ten minute walk one of them was reviewing my goals (Subscribe to find your voice) my mindset was brutal and so one of them I started doing just write down five things that was great for every morning right I just these tiny little things and I would start with one and I actually had this the sheet on my fridge you know I think I started with the water right and I write down like Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and it would just have like water and little check box and I would check the box and then I would add on like the gratitude and I would add on the goals no doubt on the stock until I had this morning routine of like six things that I was doing that I would I would check them off (Subscribe to find your voice) feel good about it and I would start the day with a totally different tone so no I did not start with big things I started with really small things but things that we’re going to allow me to build momentum and things that I knew like places (Subscribe to find your voice) areas in my life that I knew that I was missing the mark right like my mindset was brutal so finding something to be grateful for was hugely transformational and changing my mind set you know focusing on on what I wanted versus what I didn’t want like my goals gross trying to go versus you know median super fearful and worried and anxious stressed over where my life was heading yeah because me being in that state wasn’t gonna help me attract this situation and the circumstances and the people that would help me to where I wanted to go so that Kay how do I change my vibration of a change my energy in gratitude was a fast track for that so it was really just a collection of really really tiny habits that I slowly stacked on to each other that got me out of that place I’m really glad you said that by the way because sometimes is quite overwhelming because always us a question T. all of my guests about their routine in the stuff that they do and I think many listeners the feedback that I get is all my god this person goes to the gym to wake up at six o’clock the drink water they have all the fruits and veggies and then meditate for ten twenty minutes then they read a book I know it’s very overwhelming especially if you come from a place will be both recognize me both admit we came from a we didn’t have these habits I’ve done the same thing as you had talked about for breakfast (Subscribe to find your voice) how dialectology feeling of waking up and struggling myself so I’m glad you mentioned it’s just more incremental changes in light I was trying to get people to do like a quick keys don’t have it so it’s like you do one habit that would have a knock on effect for every single thing that you do for example if you were a cat like I love waking up when you were a cat you tend to drink more water you tend to eat a little bit less fast food you tend to release home was endorphins and stuff so I think if you can just get a habit that kind of has a knock on effect for a few that’s like a big win but otherwise just nice more incremental thing so you have got you to your goals in your water nothing else that’s really really important so moving forward not and are you still doing online business with the health and fitness stuff you know it’s interesting I’m not really doing any any nutrition coaching or health coaching anymore I’m I’m running these morning routine challenges which were a result of me get myself out of my own mass and now I’m starting to coach people who are sort of like beginning stage entrepreneurs who want to to make this stuff happens so like I’m I’m kind of I guess I’m almost like life coaching them in a sense but I’m kind of known as like the habits coach so I’m starting to coaching people on that stuff versus nutrition and then I’m running these challenges as well you know it was a total accident too because like when I had this wake up call in October I said to myself okay I’m not really sure if I want to do this health coaching nutrition coaching I don’t know if that’s really the long term thing but I knew it was it was the only thing I knew how to do it like this is the next step you have to do this before you can get to the other whatever other steps that could be beyond that and so what I actually created was I created these twenty one day challenges and initially they were away like a lower a lower priced offer that I had where people could get in there and they can get to know me and see what it was about and if they liked me then they could move up to kind of my nutrition coaching right what I started doing these challenges and people love them and I I was like wow I really love doing them and stow yeah it ended up being I transition totally away from the health coaching and nutrition coaching and got a hundred percent into doing the challenges and then that spiraled into me being known as the habits girl and then and now I’m coaching people on that stuff too so it’s just totally weird how it all changed but it was interesting but again I think that’s like with anything in life though sometimes you’ll end up do one thing not really know where it’s going to lead your thinking maybe that’s the thing that you were meant to do that all of a sudden you’re just gonna segue completely I love it like this part because this is not something if you ask me fifteen months ago would I ever be doing what I’d be saying his speaking to someone from the other side of the road about mindset about how crazy all chance in hell I mean I was like the shies person you would ever meet the most anxious guy in the road I would just like I’m not doing that but then I done a few things I I but less often Toastmasters which is kind of like a speaking academy where you just once I did that too yes I I let you do that just to see if I could do a speech about cropping myself basically and (Subscribe to find your voice) I managed to do it and one of the things that she led me to this podcast was so I used to file every time a Toastmasters like are you I would stop I would get nervous I would just freeze and just look at people like why am I doing here and then one day I just went back and said okay I’m struggling here I’m struggling to write a story you’ll kind of tell these people want to tell him what to do just tell a story about my life because that way west case scenario I don’t need to come a phone for no second let you just hope you remember it another did dot I got a very good reception from it because I was just storytelling than I was realizing that the power of stories in the power of like your own story I love this conversation this is richly well I find your voice came from because I’m not trying to tell everyone even your story not owe anyone story that this power in our stories a tyrant adversities power in the in the highs the lows and it’s like we need to share in the not mundane and I used to think the house will listen to my story my head now not not you thousand listeners within a year and it’s like ninety thousand listeners man it’s it’s phenomenal I mean I’m I’m still confused on why everyone’s junior but I think it’s because I get when I’m positive is because of the guests because I guess are made and I’ll bring on to the show but it’s just a process of like the dot son I think Steve Jobs said this is all wet yeah it’s like you can’t connect the dots going forward but you have to you know just go forward and trust that when you look at the doctor going to connect I think I put that on my Instagram like last week or so I love that quote I love it yeah yeah so just explained and from the moment you wake up why is your day to day routine like that from the moment I wake up so I always do my morning routine usually there’s there’s some piece of meditation and they’re not that the piece that I I’ve just started to contact not just started but like it’s getting solidified now I would say the meditation piece (Subscribe to find your voice) sometimes it’s just meditating that’s you know on guided sometimes it’s like a visualization meditation not something I’m experimenting with as well because it really ties into the goals that’s a little bit of a newer piece but I it I eat really stick to the morning routine that I teach people right so the things I always have and there are drinking at five hundred milliliters of water really quick way to get yourself energized pretty much every day I go outside for a quick ten minute walk (Subscribe to find your voice) which is almost also kinda like meditation you’re outside in nature you’re moving (Subscribe to find your voice) Katie in cold wakes you up now yeah (Subscribe to find your voice) and (Subscribe to find your voice) so like do like a walk in a stretch to come back in look at my goals and kinda like what I want and why one and sometimes that’s right tie that visualization P. sense sometimes I do like a middle initialization occasions that I can actually feel what it feels like to have that accomplish and like kind of kind of be that person for fifteen minutes (Subscribe to find your voice) and then have a healthy breakfast that’s kind of the fifth thing something else like preaching my my morning routine is like when I was really stuck in the beginning I always used to read at least like ten pages of an inspirational book or listen to a podcast or something I’m not doing that as much right now because I’m in a place where I don’t feel like I need that and to be honest I need to listen to myself more than I feel like I need to listen to other people like I’m just kinda in that space but that’s something that I used to do my morning routine as well so (Subscribe to find your voice) water gratitude goals movement breakfast and reading were that were the six things untested contest and for sharing the and I just love the last bit about you need to listen to yourself all going to listen to other people basically so I think we’re in a society where we’re consuming a lot more than rescue crating and what where do we need just sounding like every single other person in the world I’m more into that the mind set the men of create in me and my thoughts robin can see me because I believe that it’s about being authentic read I just find that sometimes online you see the same kind of Instagram’s that look exactly like disperses Instagram which looks like this presents a problem let why is the point of this hence find your voice I want everyone to find their own individuality your own voice even though you might have similar is in your story there was something unique about yourself as well so I think if we can (Subscribe to find your voice) become self aware of who we are and who were not I just embrace both both of those but they will be in a much much better place even vote a hundred percent and I think I think that’s a lot of the reason why your podcast is having as much success is having because you know you you try to get people to be authentic right and to be affordable and did not like show up and and be like trying to like say gets a make it you know what I mean like I’ve I’ve listened to a couple your podcast you talk about that and that’s that’s in your description and you’re just showing up as you the good the bad and ugly and encouraging others to do the same and I think people find that a breath fresh air the state’s right absolutely absolutely and if I may then just on vulnerability so you just mentioned that and one of the things I always like to do because people listen to this always have that section well not it’s okay for you because now you do while always okay for me for example what I’m saying is we’ve all been through hardship evil betrayed festival had those moments where we’ve been vulnerable we struggled so if you wouldn’t mind could you maybe think of a time where you’ve been through a pair of your life over there is one particular circumstance of adversity I just explained that if you wouldn’t mind and also how you persevere through that I almost want to still go back to to even last October for me okay you know that was just like a really rough time for me in the sense where I just had that wake up call I realized I didn’t have the relationships in my life that I wanted (Subscribe to find your voice) I know my career is not going the way I wanted (Subscribe to find your voice) like all this stuff and you know there was a time when I I wanted to share my story with people right like I I I knew that my story had power and I really wanted to share with people (Subscribe to find your voice) but I was having a really hard time admitting where I was if that makes any sense like I didn’t really want to to show up on Instagram and and be authentic with where I was where it’s like Hey I want to go here but I’m also still serving you know what I mean like I’m still a waitress like I I didn’t really like want to share that story but I I end up doing that anyway and just on the actually the part about you being a waitress for example I think that’s an important part of your story that’s part of the person you have to become in the things that you have to do on the side and I think we’re in a society today where people don’t show that stuff enough people want to show the fine see cause and or the highs as opposed to the laws but what they don’t recognize is you’re you’re forgetting the whole story just looking at the glory at the end of it so I think that is important with you nothing again I’m not sure obviously on your business model but you probably translate a lot more be more relevant to a lot more people who are I would have a side job you are trying to online business for two to three years and then struggling and thinking why not figuring this out and then all of a sudden you see somebody like yourself he’s had similar traits but then all of a sudden you recognize okay I’ve got to have an assessment of myself out then we just did my habits and now moving forward in a much more productive a much more efficient not much more closer to achieve my goals so that for me is your kind of life story in a not show in terms of me looking at you not find out a lot more inspired than you just come in and say I’ve got (Subscribe to find your voice) figured out here my hobbies if you follow this X. ones that you’re gonna get to redefine yeah yeah and the reality is you know what I don’t I don’t think anyone has it all figured out no matter what they tell you agree like I don’t have it all figured out right now like I don’t I’m I’m a lot closer than it used to be I’m taking that daily in perfect action I’m moving forward I’m doing the things that scare me I’m making a lot of progress but still like I’m not a hundred percent I’ll never be a hundred percent have it all figured out right absolutely well neither of us will mean we’ve just had this brief conversation so far and you see me mess up my intro for a stock messed lights words up and I’m like seventy epistles into this podcast always try to tell people I just do it just honestly just do it because if I had as a start up this old one I tell you all be a lot worse coming in and not a eleven months later so I think we should always just embrace after was obviously want to try to get back in terms of every single day trying to just improve certain aspects of it but I’m I’m just come back from a podcast just prior to this one and then have a tangent but he’s a boxing instruct us so what I used to be a box it back in the day and he’s coached and Great Britain so he’s coached a lot people I’m three Joshua I’m a call at some of the big big super stars from the U. K. so when he initially to train me about seven eight years ago I used to be so anxious and solar light scared to like do anything wrong even though he’s the nicest person in the world long story short we had a conversation today where he came on and he shed his vulnerabilities that this is a world class coach operate at the highest of the highest levels and he sat there for two hours and he spoke about how he has his idea talks hi we still struggles with these mines that have you so struggles with these breathing on seven times not for me looking at him as somebody who all hold in high esteem it made it feel like I. T. there’s more people like us who don’t have it figured out and who do struggle with (Subscribe to find your voice) lines of though is that there are people who have it all figured out because I don’t believe them be exist I just enough to do very well I’m asking it exactly I agree yeah so kind of a random tangent yeah I know like you’re you’re the podcast hosting your like you know kind of directly employed by cats that you talk about some stuff where it’s like about facing fears and just doing it anyway and like this is something I’m hugely passion about I’ve got my own coach right now like that like a mine technology business coach and she’s so good at getting yet in my own way and they just make me do things it’s crazy (Subscribe to find your voice) so I wonder if we could talk about that absolutely just absolutely thrilling peers and do it anyway because it sounds like you’re really good at that like obviously what you started Toastmasters and when you were doing podcasts and like all this kind of stuff this too is a C. R. C. coregency confidence and everything the all I do is courageous in the fight not I get anxious about the stupidest things like before a podcast on the host I should feel nervous like you’re coming on to why show and I’m saying a lot scrambling around and try to get the words out trying to make sure I got no sub bass everything prepared but why do you do is I try to be as courageous as possible in why do so heads for the tallest masses I’m like okay dies again absolutely ship me up but I have to do it because one of the things I want to do on the show is to show people that listen I’m going on this journey with you guys as well I’m trying to find my voice I haven’t found my voice I’m still working on on a daily basis and I’m thinking if I can just tell you guys how doing hopefully maybe one day I’ll do a speech in front of a thousand people and you can see actually this time in two thousand nineteen on December the twenty fourth aren’t enough the confidence in of the skills he was unable to do it so it’s kind of like almost document imagine if that makes sense that’s awesome that’s awesome how about yourself you know it’s I just had so many times in my life right done I’ve done the courageous thing and it’s always the scary thing but it always feels the absolute best like there’s so many times in my life where I could think that does happen where I’ve where I’ve played big and I’ve like made huge improvements and then it’s funny because you can see the other times where like you kind of know that you should do stuff but you opt to not do it any kind of place small little bit and it never serves you never forget serves you and like I can look back at a bunch of different moments like one of them be dropping of engineering scariest thing to be that person was always academic always in a student and then the call yeah I’m just gonna leave this beaten path like so scary and when I did that it’s crazy how that just like catapulted this whole thing for me and then like you know even back last so back last October once I you know was doing my morning routine stuff and I I came up with this challenge and then now I was like okay how do I get this to people how do I market this and I had to start putting myself out there and the way I was doing that was was was with videos right so I put out these little content videos these little pieces are I you know whatever and I remember I was so scared I was so scared to put myself out there because I had like this job that I worked at and people knew me as like a server or whatever and I was like what are they going to think when I start talking about gratitude when I start talking with the stock and when I’ve done it myself of women you know what are people gonna think when I’m walking down the street and I have this camera in front of me on a selfie stick you know looking like a like a fruit cake while talking to myself what people think right and I just member tell myself the mantra like feel the fear and do it anyway and like every time that you feel fear like fear and excitement are two sides of the exact same point right and you can choose you want to view it as we are fine but you can also view it as exciting and just like going bungee jumping in and and sitting there on the edge of the bridge and be like oh my god I’m so scared but I’m gonna use this as an analogy for business right and I’m gonna like breathe into the fear and like even being on his podcast like like I said we’re gonna this this does minds at a business coach right now and it’s just this idea of like why are you waiting for things like go do it like go make it happen like get out of your own way like take massive imperfect actions stop trying to be a perfectionist and so like in the last week I’ve just been reaching out to people like crazy being like all right have me as a guest on your podcast I don’t feel like I could be a guest on a podcast like I don’t know you I haven’t been on that many podcast unlike what if I screw up my words what if this what if that what it’s like that’s where all the growth is like going for it and doing things even though you’re not ready like that’s the whole game like just keep doing stuff even if you’re not ready like just keep taking the next step and it’s like it’s one of the things I’m most passionate about right now is like something that shows up for for my clients that I’m coaching is like you have all these excuses they are they’re excuses you things are logical and they are logical kind of in your in your mind but like let’s tackle like you you’re good enough already like you have what it takes you don’t need all these certifications I’m like the queen of over thinking that all the certificates and all the proof of my business courses like drop this proves thing drop it up you know like just go do the thing just do it so yeah just take the next step all the time yeah keep taking the next step I love the art you love that run because I could see your enthusiasm in your passion from it because you’ve done it at certain times of the reason you’re so passionate is because you know when you do something that you’re scared of how much better you feel after you’ve done it because a lot well look at that was not bad all I’m so proud of myself that I managed to do that I’m the same for it so I don’t I don’t wanna be that pissed me just preaches stuff that they never do I don’t have it figured out every single day I’m but what I do know is that on those times where are not showcase my fears or I go get something that I’m shit myself about doing I first saw so good after and not what I want is I want okay I want people to have that feeling because I feel when people start to get that feeling it becomes a bit like a drug so I think when you mention it earlier why do the hard stuff I get addicted to that feeling of light yeah this sucks not what you’d like to add as time’s going to be amazing and then what happens is I get opportunities come away than us out thinking positively than the got your kicks in a bit let yourself and I finished this yeah I mean them real estate so property and this year has gone so massive since I upgraded my mindset as per se I don’t really start to put myself out there because I never used to go to network means I never used to want to be around people and not because I don’t like people I she’s got really shy and you get a lot of people who are extroverts nice to feel really really intimidated although I have to gamble way to get to (Subscribe to find your voice) when you get to you long story short I’m not in a very very good position moving forward but that’s not enough for me because I still have this part because I want people listening to this to the exact same thing and I can see your passion I can see that your doing not moving forward is also hopefully people get around hopefully they can (Subscribe to find your voice) feel something from my trying to say well you said some really cool there too it’s like you get a dish that feeling and and the thing is like you get the more you you do with a courageous thing the better you get the greatest things right and it becomes more easy it becomes like I don’t know of you like requiring your brain or what you’re doing but it becomes like a new pathway for you were like that’s the thing that you always do and when you can start getting really good at doing the thing that scares you which is probably where all the growth is because it’s new when it’s uncertain and it’s unknown you just open up this this whole like you just go to a whole new level really quickly absolutely it’s like with any knowledge of me we spoke about the gym area in order to in order for your body to go for example you to get a muscle or something you have to put it under stress and stress for us is that a lot in this instance is fair and it’s not mom of I just don’t want to be there but if we could put our bodies to that strain just over an extensive period of time we start to get stronger we start to build up muscle not kind of use that analogy the I’ve taken from the gym which is something I understand into all walks of life so when I struggle not Toastmasters for example is that one day I’ll get bad because I’m I didn’t not you go to the gym in order to set is not picking up or this crazy way it took a lot of time it took a lot of dedication to claw soreness a lot pain rose thinking I don’t know if this is worth it but it is always worth it saw M. yes somebody similar to myself in terms of you want to try and become better people we wanna trying grow and one try to face a phase in this particular moment right this second what’s your biggest fear you know this is a tough one because if I could give you an answer that question you know what would be I don’t know if it’s not necessarily my biggest fear but it would be my worst case scenario but it would be like how are you gonna feel in a year two years three years four years five years if you’re in the same place you know if you knew that you had all this potential and we knew that you didn’t use it and you’re not where you could have been if you would just went for it you know so maybe it’s like a fear of regret against possibly possibly yeah absolutely I think that’s probably something that maybe somebody listen to this could always tryin circle back to you so it’s easier said in hindsight I E. the fear of regret but in that moment we kind of look for what’s going to make us feel back in the immediate time frame if that makes sense where you’re not really looking at the bigger picture but if you can think of something that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable I just ask yourself very very quickly in that moment if I don’t do this today well I think about it again tomorrow or maybe next year nothing yeah that’s a really really important thing but what I want to do is move into a form part of the show where I’m gonna put you through your paces and ask you a bunch of random questions perfect great okay are you ready so ready okay we’re gonna going three to one okay what is your proudest achievement I feel like I’ve really well established myself in the new place that I’ve moved to an Colonna (Subscribe to find your voice) I’ve moved around a lot always thinking that was going to solve my problems and finally I realized that no working you’re the common denominator here (Subscribe to find your voice) movies not gonna sell anything you’re gonna stay in this one place and you’re gonna be consistent you’re gonna show up every day you’re gonna make it happen your favorite motivational speaker I don’t know if I’d call this person a motivational speaker but I would say Wayne Dyer is someone that I loved was if you could get the list is to focus on one thing for twenty twenty what would it be I would get them to get really clear on what they want and make a decision and focus on one thing got ten things one thing if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be probably fear what is your favorite book I am gonna stick with think and grow rich why you sickly good out that nobody knows some people would know this I would say like from my past like from my hometown would notice but a lot of people who know me now don’t notice (Subscribe to find your voice) but I used to be a professional hello look at national level motocross racer not many people that doesn’t come up in very many conversations very interested very interested here is your biggest role model honestly I think my business my my my tech coach is my biggest role model (Subscribe to find your voice) what would you like to be remembered for being that person who who went for it the ability to fly it will be visible (Subscribe to find your voice) god fly hundred percent yeah money or fame you know one of the goals that I sat back in October twenty eighteen will the dog old that I said that it’s still my goal was to have a network of ten million dollars in ten years so I I would have to go with money for this one if you could sit with one person there were life for now that would be all you know what I would say I think I would still go with Wayne Dyer and finally we divide the know how you would die or when you are done probably how I don’t want to know when it’s a bit of a morbid question isn’t it kind of finished the fun run the ratios are policies for that well no it’s not it’s not worth it I don’t think it’s morbid but I think the house would be like okay cool I know how I have like a little bit of clarity on that it’s not that you really need it but I I think not knowing when is well I kinda like that yeah absolutely okay but it so it’s just a few more questions I want to ask you then today Morgan and the next was about reflection so knowing everything that you know now if you could maybe speak to a younger you may be a time where you went so confident we didn’t have stuff as figured out as you do today and you could whisper somethin N. a young a mortgage is what would you say I would go back probably to the Morgan who had dropped out of engineering I went down to Memphis Tennessee was in California and really started to get all those business skills and and and had the nutrition coaching certifications and I would tell that Morgan to just to do exactly what she’s doing today and just keep taking the next step because when I was in that place I still had all these uncertainties and you know I felt like I was lacking the confidence or was telling myself that I was lacking skills or what have you around like coaching people on the traction (Subscribe to find your voice) when in reality fear was just in my way and I was letting that drive the ship and I literally no that had I just kept going for it in that moment and had I just kept listening to my heart and listening to my intuition and trusting it and having faith in just like continuing to take the next step I would be in a really great place right now I would I would tell myself to do that and be more relentless about it absolutely love dot and then just when I acknowledge you for something naturally because it’s one thing I’m saying something in one thing light just wishing stuff into the atmosphere one thing you are doing is taking the lead in a section as well and I think people listening to this don’t get confused with just simply wishing something in into existence we have to take that relentless action and not initially is gonna look impair if it is gonna look wrong you gonna make mistakes you gonna found a hell of a lot of times but I just them when it ninety for that because you seem like a real real gold get every tens of everything that you’re trying to do you intend to let you put yourself on Showtime three your videos as well online and I think we’ll both robocall look back at this interview in terms of critiquing myself one day and then you’ll put it back in your videos and we just be hopefully in such a bad bad place in terms of delivery and everything and that’s not to say I’m Mrs store doesn’t have its significance now as one of just one listens to recognize that that you’ve got to start you have to start you have to keep going and going and going not just simply wishing it so thank you you’re welcome you’re welcome I’m not does that you leave us to the last question and the last question as you know is about legacy so Morgan if in a hundred fifty as time signs out to save a soul and all that exists is a book and this book is about you and it’s about everything that you’ve done in your life what I want to know is what would you write in that book at the back to entice somebody to pick it up and secondly what what annoys what with the title of the book be it’s funny that you ask this question because when I’m when I moved down to California to go with those guys led the podcast (Subscribe to find your voice) I member sitting down with with (Subscribe to find your voice) things like that he’s the CEO or CFO or COO or some C. E. something that (Subscribe to find your voice) anyway (Subscribe to find your voice) we had this conversation and he was talking about zone of genius and he was talking about how I could write a book called just do it he’s like you might you might get into some some sort of legal battle with Nike but you could probably write a book I don’t know if you can see this is my mug and a small salad as us you must send a so yes I have to say I’m sorry that’s funny it would be spelled like that yes he is meant to be just do it I think and you know I see just be stories about all the times in my life that I took the courageous option and just did it and and what happened so that it could show people this is me it is the right was the fears when I did this this happened and maybe just that would inspire them to take those actions in their life I love it I love it okay so are there any questions today that you wish I’d asked you may be something that you would need the listeners with one thing that I would just want to leave people with is something that was not necessarily a habit that had been really transformational be getting out of my own way but you’re not the goal is not going in alone it helps the oxy love dot yes M. does a brilliant caught yeah wrote this morning if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together is all this is just my loves at that because it resonated with me is also absolutely love that and what is the best place is that people can connect with you best place to follow me hands down Instagram (Subscribe to find your voice) so what’s the habits coach on Instagram (Subscribe to find your voice) daily motivation there and just just me trying to help people on there and just you’re showing up and being vulnerable and and giving as much as I possibly can to definitely go follow me on Instagram (Subscribe to find your voice) if you by the time this comes out (Subscribe to find your voice) so I’m re launching my twenty one day challenge if anyone’s interested that they want to check it out (Subscribe to find your voice) from January first through the tenth I think people will be it will be available for them to sign up if they want to test it so if they want to create the morning habits (Subscribe to find your voice) they can go to W. W. W. dot twenty one days of challenge dot com (Subscribe to find your voice) and the other thing too as well as we talk about goal setting and that’s you know the free video course and one worksheet that I created if people are really looking to get clear on twenty twenty in and set a goal and figure out why it motivates them and all that kind of stuff you can go to W. W. W. dot twenty one days the challenge dot com slash school setting and you can get that worksheet and the and the video course and and that’s just a free thing and tastic so there’s a lot of stuff there yes the people can oversee jumping to implement shop or the in the show notes I just want to take this moment not just once again thank you from the other side of the road again we have Christmas tomorrow and you’ve taken time out of your day to try and help the list is on the show with the hobbits with moving their life forward and hopefully finding their voices all and when I think of our home is all thank you for listening amazing loved it and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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