Burned as a child, homeless as a teenager, inspiring the youth today. #6

Burned as a child, homeless as a teenager, inspiring the youth today. #6
find your voice podcast aren deu burned as a child homeless inspire youth

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Find your voice – Episode 6 – Stay strong by Hezron Brown #6

Tagline: "The impact I was making & seeing was unreal. To see their face and actually light up and think Hope!"

Hezron Brown, has been in the papers for his incredible story. In fact that is where I initially saw his story and thought, what an episode this would be. It was with that, I actually personally reached out to Hezron and ask if he would want to share his story. He obliged and the rest, well is part of history.

Back story

As a child Hezron was tragically burned in hot water. This unfortunately left him scarred for life. But if that wasn’t enough of a reminder of adversity, his lifes adversities didn’t stop there. In fact his life continued to spiral out of control, between a life of drugs, gangs and crime.

However, somewhere along his journey the idea of belonging and hope kicked in. Hezron quickly waking up to the realisation that one day he will either be in prison for life or dead, wanted to make a change. He wanted to change the narrative, the stereo type and fulfil his dreams. But as many people can agree with, once you are in the wrong crowd, simply wanting to change isn’t always enough. We often get pulled back into our old habits, or circles of influence. So we sometimes needs more than just a want.

Self belief and desire

Fortunately for Hezron however, his self belief was impregnable. Even to this day he accustoms his recent success to the way he proceeded with affirmations in the mirror and changed his mindset. A key factor in him finding his true purpose has definitely stemmed from his projection of a better version of himself, through mantras and self talk.

And today…

Hezron is now inspiring the youth. He is speaking across the UK, sharing his story but more importantly his message. He has truly found his voice. His message is also resonates with the youth, who have been dealt with similar cards. But it also hits home with the general population too. We do not need to stay the same. Everybody has the capability to change. We can go from rock bottom to the top, with the right attitude, mindset and execution.

“There is more to a life than death or jail”. There are more opportunities if we remain committed to succeed rather than just having a slight interest.

This is truly a remarkable story of seeing someone change for the better. Seeing someone, also change to serve others, is even more inspiring.

I urge you to follow his journey below:

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