How blindness knocked me down but gave me a vision #1

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Find your voice – Episode 1 – Blind, Drunk a Lions tale by Kev Dillon

Click the photo to listen to the podcast about living with blindness by Kev Dillon and Aren Deu.

Life is about choices

Kev Dillon is a man of the people, who refuses to be average. Suffering with meningitis as a child Kev wasn’t dealt the best hands in life. In fact his dreams of ever becoming a boxer were crushed at the exact same time. Now with his whole world was rocked upside down and feeling lost in a dark hole, Kev had two choices: To stand still, or move forward.

Fortunately for my good friend, Kev chose to move forward. Determined to never let this get to him he fought back, in true boxing style. He jabbed and hooked his way through adversities each and every day. You see for many of us, the fears we have seemed trivial to Kev. But the same can be applied if we flipped the roles. Kev opens up about some of his fears, which many of us today take for granted. It is truly, a sobering listen.

Fast forward to the present day however, he is in a much better place! He is now the head boxing coach of Lions Boxing Club ABC in Brierly Hill, UK. But more importantly than that, he is all round genuinely lovable guy. He is one of the best friends I have in this world.

The world needs more Kev Dillons

But there is more. Alongside this he is a father, a husband, a son and a friend to many others. And if his CV wasn’t big enough, he is also a POET!

Kev’s blindness has taught him more than many of us can imagine. It has forced him to understand his limitations, but also learn his strengths. He refused to let his circumstances control him or stop him achieving his true desire, to help others. I am so proud to have had him open up my show. I am even more proud to have him as part of my life.

His mindset is unbreakable having been at rock bottom. Yet the most beautiful thing about this story is, his journey is just beginning.

He has a vision of a better future where people, no longer doubt themselves. Where people no longer hurt each other and see the beauty in the world. He is also starting a new podcast, with guess who? Yes yours truly!

Wise ending words

Kev ends the show in a line that will always resonate and sit with me:

“Take care of yourselves and more importantly of each other. May your god bless you and if you don’t believe in god, believe in yourself because someone who doesn’t believe in anything, will always be lost” – Kev Dillon

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