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Find Your Voice Podcast by Aren Deu

“Overcoming anxiety to Finding My Voice through my podcast is my greatest accomplishment to date”

Aren Deu

So, my name is Aren Deu and I have battled with anxiety for 30+ years. I have come from an academic background of degrees and masters qualifications. But I have since realised that the corporate world was never for me, and my calling lay somewhere else.

Spending years working on £100m projects for leading oganisations I wanted to make a change and live on my own terms and be able to provide value and make a difference on my own terms.

So I took a plunge. A very scary and difficult one!

I became a personal trainer to fund my ventures and create a successful coaching business from scratch. This allowed me to not only improve my own health and fitness but also give me the opportunity to work with over 150 people and change their lives for the better.

I then became financially free from property. But it wasn’t easy. It took an incredible amount of hard work, determination and sleepless nights. Add to that I made a hell of a lot of mistakes which taught me some painful lessons.

With this, I indirectly learned the importance of building a brand which had allowed me to raise over £1,000,000 to fund my own development projects. So I began incorporating this into my teachings with clients. It allowed me to really give them some useful tangible skills to level up their lives.

The road is never straightforward

The journey wasn’t this simple though, as I had often undergone hypnosis and spiritual healing to help me with my anxiety. In addition to this I forced myself to join toastmasters. This was to help overcome my anxiety and face my fears. I then pushed myself to start my own podcast – Find Your Voice which thanks to you all has been a great success.

I struggled most days. But I am a firm believer that greatness and growth is on the other side of fear and discomfort and this is where I choose to live.

I have since won awards at Toastmasters, created 6-figures in equity and cash through my property deals and also inspired 1000s of people across the world with the podcast…

…58 and counting in the first 5 months since I started in Q1 2019.

And all from being an anxious guy who refused to give up, adamant on chasing and achieving his dreams to better not only myself, but those who came in contact with me.

Of course this is just a glimpse of my life, as I could talk about real life experiences forever. A life not limited to many moments of overcoming adversity through death, assault, grief. A life not shy of anxiety, troubles and worry as I openly share. But a life that has also taught me so much through my experiences and work professions too.

My professions such as project management, boxing, support work, volunteering and social work have all served me and helped me grow in one capacity or another. Aligning our work with our core values and ethics is what truly creates a magical life.

aren deu find your voice performance coach mindset health and fitness podcast public speaker boxing

That’s enough for now

But it’s always good to leave some things to the imagination and if you follow my journey, sooner rather than later you will understand why I am the way I am.

Sooner or later you will see and hear more and more about me. I have no problem sharing my imperfections. You will see me openly wear and showcase my scars. I continue to try ad mist failing so often. I’ll continue to persevere until I reach my goal.

My goal now is to help people find their voice and write their own story just how I have…

So what do you say? Are you up for it?

P.s. if the podcast is not your thing & you came here to learn property I have a Free Training playlist dedicated to help you save £15,000 and time and heartache. There is no catch, no hidden agenda, just an opportunity to give those interested the chance to free their time up in the future to find their voice & write their own story.

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