An Immigrants Story on Finding His Voice #48

An Immigrants Story on Finding His Voice #48
 An Immigrants Story on Finding His Voice roman prokopchuk aren deu find your voice

“Keep going, don’t give up on your journey” by Roman Prokopchuk #48 shares an immigrants story on finding his voice

Tagline: “He did the most that he could, with what he had”

Roman shares his story on Find Your Voice this week and opens up his life. Not afraid to speak about any of his life, he speaks about the adversity of being an immigrant, moving to the USA. Alongside this, we delve into Roman’s journey of finding his passion in his work, becoming an expert in is field and giving back to others. He does the latter through his fostering, where he looks after young children without homes. A great character trait, and one I can resonate personally with, Roman is a man of service. He is about offering true authentic value, not just in his work space, but also in his personal life.

It was a short snappy episode, but I am sure you will agree Roman shows us all that Finding our voice is possible, irrespective of where you start from. Furthermore, also proves that excuses won’t provide us results, and we need to just take action and trust the process.

Some key topics moments in the episode:

[02:02] Roman explains his story

[08:03] The life of a Foster carer

[15:22] How to cope with adversity

[26:45] A lesson to his younger self about listening

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