Why you need to work hard to achieve your dreams #9

Why you need to work hard to achieve your dreams #9
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Find your voice – Episode 9 – “We came with a suitcase & a dream” – Tendai (T)

Tagline: “We came with a suitcase & a dream”

Leaving home

Uplifted from Zimbabwe T and his family chased the American Dream for a better future. T puts this perfectly when he explains the silent example he learnt from his parents to be a driving force in his life – hard work. He saw his parents demonstrate hard work daily. Not occasionally, but 24/7.

Coming from extremely humble beginnings, T knew his best chance at changing his own future and that of his families would be to work harder than those around him.

Standing out like a sore thumb

Unable to speak English and often ridiculed early on by children, T found growing up difficult. Furthermore, he was undervalued by teachers. So embracing his struggles T began to embrace hard work and the struggle he and his family had gone through. He started to find true beauty in outworking those around him.

Now a successful social worker, bodybuilder and an all round great guy T’s future is brighter than ever. He volunteered for the show to help inspire others. He wants to teach people to never let anyone elses opinions dictate their dreams. And finally, to always embrace hard work. I second all T’s sentiments as it is never hard work that will kill you, it is always stress. If Find Your Voice does anything it is to help your mindset. It is to alleviate stresses, that we can and focus on opportunities. It is also to ensure you make no excuses and leave nothing until tomorrow, by working hard!

And if that wasn’t enough

T also shares the oppresive lifestyle he was part of growing up in this episode. He delves into the struggles of learning a new culture, language and fitting into society he was unfamilar with.

However having studied closely with T for 2 years, as social workers, I am extremely proud to call him a friend. He is one of the good ones. A genuine soul who is always smiling and lifting those around him. His journey is just starting and I urge you all to follow it.

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