8 Things you don’t need to be successful

8 Things you don’t need to be successful

8 Things you don’t need to be successful

Far to often, I see people worry and concentrate on doing things that actually won’t serve them. Whether this is because of external noise, influencing their decisions or whether they have just not found their own voice. One of the key things I try to get across in the podcast as a whole is to encourage and empower you with the right tools and belief to follow your own heart and desire. To find your own success in the midst of adversity and the noise of the world that surrounds us.

However, I appreciate this is not always an easy option, and for that reason we often need reminding of things that actually don’t move our lives forward, and instead hinder our journey. I sincerely hope you find this useful and encourage you all to check the YouTube channel where I will be upping my game to giving you the best content I can possibly produce to help you all find your voice.

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8 Things you ACTUALLY don’t need to become successful:

1. Wake up stupidly early

The only time you should ever wake up early is if you sleep early enough.

Otherwise, it’s stupid! Don’t be stupid.

2. Jump around & act all positive all the time.
It’s not possible & it’s detrimental to your overall long term well-being.

Emotions are there to serve us & help us understand what we are experiencing. If anything become more self aware.

3. Buy a course to solve your life.
Yes you may lack a few things.

It’s likely self belief, discipline, knowledge & time.

The first 2 can be trained & the second two can take longer than any quick rich get scheme or promises made by “highly successful people” who sell you mentorship for stupid prices.

4. What other successful people have

You don’t need more money than you can spend to consider yourself a success or the same amount of accolades as person x.

You may, but you don’t need it.

The key with this point is to recognise your own internal drivers & see what makes you feel successful. Then do that, or work towards that.

5. Lots of followers brought from fake websites to validate what an influencer you are to make you feel like Dwayne Johnson when you sleep.

It’s a superficial metric that the fakeness is easily noticed if you look close enough & does nothing other than reiterate that your following is based on bots & people in India.

Sorry people in India.

Instead focus on hitting your message home with 1 person a day, impactfully & see how much better that feels than having 6k followers who aren’t real people!

6. To have it all figured out.

Nobody has everything figured out. Work life balance rarely exists for the long term & as you gain traction in 1 aspect of your life, you could lose some in another.

That’s okay, providing your moving towards the things that you truly want to achieve & consider important to your success.

Also if you don’t know how to do something to make it a success, surround yourself with a team better than you.

Key word being team.

7. Loads of likes across your posts. The most successful people I know in my personal life from a fitness, financial & relationship side aren’t even here posting.

I write this point to let you know, that execution beyond the noise & social media is key.

Anyone can turn it on during posting hours or online, but how deep are your relationships with friends and family? How healthy is your mind and heart? How self aware and happy are you?

8. Someone else’s approval.

Your Success and metrics of it should be your success metrics!

I think that made sense.

Don’t seek approval or validation from no one.


This is mental health awareness week & my job of being an advocate for this space won’t stop this week & started many years before.

On that note a great quote to end this quick post:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

If at the very least all you do is leave knowing, what you truly want, who you truly are & who you truly am not, you are winning I promise you!

Most of us, don’t even know what we truly want or who we truly are and that scares me.

Don’t be like most, be like you!

Have a kick ass week people & protect your wellbeing at all costs ❤️

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