Fighting depression with poetry and fitness #8

Fighting depression with poetry and fitness #8
cos kyriacou mindfulness coach find your voice podcast aren deu depression anxiety poetry Fighting Depression with poetry and fitness

Fighting Depression with poetry and fitness is today’s episode!

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Title: Find your voice – Episode 8 – Memoirs of an Anxious Mind – Cos Kyriacou

Tagline: “To HIM its just a game, playing with my mind. An easy target for HIM, he always seems to find. He always seems to be there to put me in my place, lurking and scheming like a puff of smoke up in my face…”

Depression can happen to anyone

As many of you can relate, Depression is getting more and more prominent in society. It has affected my family, friends and so many people I have come across in the world. I am sure you can all relate?

So for that reason I acknowledge and thank Cos for his bravery and sharing his story. He was initially anxious, but since the episode has come on leaps and bounds in his own confidence and story.

A poet

Cos is a talented Poet who has found his voice by utilising the power poetry. He often speaks about his depression and anxiety through his brilliant words in his poems. Riddled with many trials and tribulations growing up Cos has battled with suicidal thoughts from time to time. Refusing to be a victim though, and still stepping outside of his comfort zone daily, Cos continues to persevere.

Make a change

Now determined to conquer his mindset and make change Cos has really upped his accountability. Consistently working on his health, thoughts and unique gifts he is looking to help others struggling with mental health illness more. This level of fulfillment has in return increased his happiness. Who would have thought that doing things for others would make you happy eh? (That of course was said in jest, as I always advocate we should all do that)

Alongside this, Cos is also a qualified Accountant and Personal Trainer. A man of many talents that is only just starting his journey. He kindly shares one of his poems, HIM, in this podcast. This is the tagline for the show! I am sure once you hear this you will follow him over on his Instagram channel where he does so many more. You will learn more about him and hear so many more powerful poems. But you will also see that depression isn’t always obvious. Neither is anxiety. Both myself and Cos suffer a lot with it, but we both refuse to let it consume us. It is for that reason, we hope we can inspire you as listeners to never remain defeated. Face your fears, conquer your excuses and find your voice!

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