5 Ways to Live With Integrity #50

“5 Ways to Live With Integrity” #50 by Aren Deu

Tagline: “If you don’t find what’s important to you, you will find yourself doing what is important for others”

Hopefully these 5 steps will at least get you thinking about what Integrity means to you. It is important, that your inner dialogue and mind is in sync with your external words, actions and feelings. The full transcript is shown below for anyone who needs it, to help them.

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So before I BEGIN I want to explain why I believe integrity is important for finding your voice. Now used as a metaphor for finding you way in life, doing you, finding you and writing your own story: through all the conversations, research, interviews and self development I have personally done, we will only ever become truly successful when we act out of integrity.

Yes you can make short term gains, or wins trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes behind captions, smart articulated words or clever manipulative tactics.

But on the whole LIKE the great quote states:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

So for me its better to just do act with integrity from the onset right? Because success, true success should enviably lead you to happiness and fulfilment and that is the underlying theme and goal of this show right?

By the way I mean happiness and fulfilment meant on the inside, not on Instagram, when we act out of integrity

So just incase someone is thinking what the hell is integrity – as we don’t know what we don’t know a quick google definition explains it as the following:



1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

2. The state of being whole and undivided

So very quickly integrity for me, stands as 1 of my core values. For me it means following my moral and ethical beliefs through & being true to myself at all times.

Now, if anyone doesn’t know me and this is the 1st interview they have stumbled across, I am not, I repeat NOT, sitting here pretending to be all righteous and holier than anyone else.

I am simply trying to live by my best code of practice and always do the right thing.

Of course the right thing can always be led to interpretation, but basic things like:

1. Being kind

2. Sticking to your word

3. Following through with your actions

4. Helping people whenever you can help people

5. Making a positive contribution to society etc etc are all some things I genuinely try my best to do.

Do I always master it? Hell no, but I try!

So it kind of brings me onto this brain dump short fire episode.

What does integrity mean to you?

I urge you to have a true think about It & irrespective of your moral and ethics code, see if you are aligned and congruent with that.

You see I think Integrity falls short if:

What you say OR

What you feel OR

What you do

Are never in sync.

For example:

1. If you say you are an honest individual, but then feel deceitful due to some of your actions, that screams alarm bells.

2. Another example is that if you feel a certain type of way but say and do things differently externally, that screams a lack of congruency and doesn’t show integrity.

So this is just some thoughts that ran through my head as the more people I meet on this journey o find your voice, the more purposeful I am about finding people with sincere honest integrity.

“After all, you’ve probably seen the famous quote:

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”

So again, conscious of not just making this a sound dump lets give some quick takeaways on how to live with integrity:

1. Stick to your word. Actions speak louder than words. I always say this. What we say is one thing, whether that is to somebody else or even ourselves. What we need to do is follow through on those actions.

2. Understand your core values, from a moral and ethical perspective. If you don’t know what is important to you, you may find yourself doing what is important for others. Only when you truly understand yourself, who you are, and who you are not can you find your purpose and of course, find your voice!

3. Do the right thing off social media. The reason I SAY this, is because it’ll form a positive habit of adding value and contribution without the need for external applause or validation. Plus doing the right thing is the right thing! Period.

4. Know your bigger picture. Now what I mean by this, is and its very closely linked actually to point 2. Is to know your price and limits. When you have a future vision of yourself, the person you truly want to become that will come at a sacrifice. It will require, sacrificing sleep, recreational times, money, nights out etc. But it should never come at the expense of your integrity. So often I have seen people chase quick money and sell their soul. Or lie about things to get a few followers. This to me, alongside being deceitful, inauthentic and damn right annoying also screams a lost soul. Someone who doesn’t know themselves. Learn to know yourself!

5. Find people similar to yourself. I tweeted something a few days ago actually that this year is about removing people from my table. The quote wasn’t mine, before anyone goes all Jay Shetty on me, but it resonated with me. I am probably the most trustworthy person. Even after I have been lied too, cheated on, stolen from and taken a ride for on many occasions. But I live in good spirits that people do the best with what they can, and deep down most of us, as I cant guarantee all of us do, are nice people just lost. So to avoid heartache and not make the same mistakes over and over, I find myself simply upgrading my network and removing the issues wherever I can!

And there we have it!

So hopefully this adds some value to you all, as I always whole heartedly appreciate your time and value it too.

Let’s try just for this week at the very least, to follow one of these and live with Integrity!

Thanks for listening

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