5 Reasons You Need to Start Now!

“5 reasons you need to start now” #42 by Aren Deu

Tagline: “This episode is aimed at empowering you all to take control of your lives”

So I’ve been there too. I have had those dreams and goals plastered on my vision board too and never really moved towards obtaining them. I have also used being a ‘perfectionist’ as an excuse for never really getting started. But throughout you life, you start to then realise that these are all excuses. These are excuses to stop you from achieving or pursuing your goals and dreams.

Now why we do this, boils down to many factors. Some of which could be, fear of success, fear of failure, overwhelm, other peoples opinions etc But the problem with it is, is that they are still excuses. Now I used to think I had the best excuses in the world. In fact i’d even tap myself on the back once or twice and think wow, nice one Aren.

Excuses, excuses, excuses..

But who were these excuses really for? Because let’s be honest, most people do not care (we are that insignificant in the grand scheme of things) and the only person who suffers is you. Your progress!

So anyway, i have listed 5 quick reasons why starting today, right this second is okay. Why it is necessary. Why you need to do it.

Let me also know how you found it and if you have any others to share too. I will share this with the community if it can help them. Remember just these 5 reasons you need to start now aren’t exclusive but alone will get the ball rolling for you!

P.s. Any shares of the podcast, this episode or others, on social media (tag me in) I will repost and re share as many of them as possible too!

Have an awesome day!

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