5 Fitness Myths to avoid

One of my passions is to see people be healthier and to see them fulfilled. As I always quote ‘there is no wealth without health‘, I feel I also have an obligation to warn you of fake fitness myths. You see in an unregulated industry, the fitness world is full off ‘Bro-Science’ and fitness myths seem to be the norm. People literally, make up new facts and statements daily!

It’s frustrating, especially as I’ve tried some of these in the past and wasted a lot of time. Secondly, I’ve seen, since developing my knowledge and experience others fail and ruin their lifestyles by doing these too. Now I could have changed 5 to 500, because that’s how many pieces of bad advice exist out there. But I figured id stick to 5 fitness myths which I hope you can avoid starting today!

But who am I to say these are myths?

The little voice in the back of your head may be asking that. Well for those of you who do not know me, I am a Personal Trainer and have been for almost 9 years. I have done more than 1500+ hours with 100 hours more research & learning during that time. In fact, my real obsession into health and fitness came when I started to see loved ones get ill. Some suffered an even worse fate. Now I don’t want to make this a morbid post, but I do at the same time want to emphasise the importance of our health! So anyway, back to the topic. If you scroll down below, you’ll see I’ve added some Myths you really should question. Then you should simply stop doing them.


One of the most popular fitness myths is about the dreaded 6pm Window. People are still scaremongering newbies in the gym about the times you eat your food! For some reason, they have this belief that anything you eat post 6pm will instantly cause you to add fat.

I feel I need to repeat this. People are genuinely believing that IF you eat at 6.01pm as opposed to 5.59pm you will start to get FAT. Yes, it is that crazy!

Can we just let that sink in for a second?

Do they truly believe the human body is thinking, “my god its now suddenly 6.01pm” (remembering that time is a man made concept) we better store this food as fat. This completely ignores the notion, which is scientifically backed by the way of Thermodynamics. It also kind of means that all food prior to the 6pm window (is okay). So a typical, rather sarcastic example, if I may.

Person A: Eats 2,500 calories pre 6pm. They then eat 500 calories post 6pm.

Person B: Eats 3,500 calories pre 6pm. They then eat 0 calories post 6pm.

If all things being equal, such as Basic Metabolic Rate, height, weight, age, activity level, stress, sleep etc. Who adds the most fat if they need 2,500 to maintain their body weight?

Answer: Person B.


Ahhh the dreaded word – Carbs aka Carbohydrates. This and fitness myths go hand in hand. So we often, once again have people scaring themselves and others about carbs. It is almost like it is the devils juice or something, even more sinister. It was the same with FAT back in the day, but I guess the media and these “experts’ have shifted gears to carbs. Now carbs equate to around 4 calories per 1g. This is the same as protein. Fats for your own knowledge are 9 calories per 1g.

Now, in terms of energy balance, however you fill those total calories up, is the most important thing. You can sway towards carbs more, fats more or even protein more (my preference). The way you will add fat is if you eat more than your body burns off, and you know what? It doesn’t matter if those excess calories come from your Fats or Proteins.

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In fact, they are all just energy that gets burned throughout the day. The amount of people I see thinking they can instantly lose weight just by reducing carbs astounds me. You have to realise this only occurs or seems true because of the following reasons:

  1. People remove carbs and do not replace this with fats or proteins. Do you know what that means? They are just eating less. Do you know what happens when you eat less? You end up in an energy deficit, which means you can lose fat!
  2. Carbs generally make you feel fuller, with the glycogen stores in our body holding onto water. So if you cut them out, you will likely hold less water and the scale may show you that you have lost weight. Wrong! Water weight, does not equate to fat loss. It is the same for those people who wear bin liners and sweat thinking its fat they are disintegrating!


Now I recently spoke about this on my fitness page, which I shared here. It’s not a miracle cure & IF you are doing it, check out that post over at Channel Your Strength

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Now these really grind my gears! I genuinely feel if I had £1 for the amount of times I had to say no to these companies trying to lure me in, I probably wouldn’t need to work again. The approaches always start so sincere too, and have me thinking they actually care about me. But then moments later the sell for juices & shakes to promote instant FAT loss begin.

In fact, If I didn’t have a conscious and wanted to make some quick money I’d probably promote it. But I just don’t recommend it as one of my 4 pillars is sustainability!

So a few things on this to note below:

a) YES you lose weight. Crazy right? But remember this is because you are consuming so little calories. Most of these hit around 1200 a day which can be done just as easily with a bowl of porridge, fruit, protein shake, chicken, eggs and vegetables….and even throwing in a biscuit! So I have to instantly ask why choose a shake or two, over actual tasty food?

fad diets fitness myths aren deu fat loss diet

So a few things on this:
a) YES you lose weight. Crazy right? But remember this is because you are consuming so little calories. Most of these hit around 1200 a day which can be done just as easily with a bowl of porridge, fruit, protein shake, chicken, eggs and vegetables….and even throwing in a biscuit! So I have to instantly ask why choose a shake or two, over actual tasty food?

b) How sustainable is this? Do you want to rely upon shakes to fill you up 365 days? What about birthdays, eating out, social gatherings or parties? Are you really going to be that person who brings a shake and misses out on the occasional different type of cuisine? Remember you can literally eat anything you want, within moderation at anytime! I do it all the time as you have probably all seen on my Instagram.

c) Is the price of these things really worth it? You would probably save a lot of money if you just went to a health shop and brought a green powder (which will replace the nutrients and vitamins they boast about) & then tailor your daily caloric needs with your own foods! p.s. speaking of a green blend, watch this space. We are truly excited to start a disruption in this space to genuinely help you shift the odds in your favour daily, in terms of your health!


Again, I have seen all the bro science behind this. People are lifting light weights for 100s and 100s of repetitions and claiming that is the secret to making you ‘toned’. Please just stop. Please.

You get ‘toned’ another term I hate, when you add muscle and reduce body fat. The quickest way to add muscle is to lift heavy weights, via progressive overload. The quickest way to lose fat, is to monitor your diet and build more muscle. So why the hell would burning fewer calories on smaller weights help you?

Remember guys and girls, higher reps may burn more because of the lactic acid build up and the endurance element behind it. However your body will require, frequency, volume and progressive overload to effectively gain muscle and get ‘toned’.

A quick example if I may for 2 people doing bench press:

Person A: Lifts 10kg for 100 reps. His sore. That is 1000kg total volume.

Person B: Lifts 50kg for 4 sets of 8. His sore-ish. That is 1600kg total volume.

Who has picked up the most weight in terms of volume? Who has likely caused their body to grow and add muscle?

Answer: Person B!

Let’s conclude before my head explodes!

Now I could rant and go on and on about other things we should avoid, but I urge you to really be careful about the advice you receive. Fitness myths are so acceptable because people can literally go to the gym for a few weeks and become ‘experts’. It’s remarkable!

I sincerely hope you found this blog useful and please do not forget to subscribe and follow me via all my other avenues for 99% FREE advice that can help transform your life.

Have an awesome day and stay away from these terrible fitness myths!

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