4 Signs you have a Victim Mentality #24

4 Signs you have a Victim Mentality #24

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Find your voice – Episode 24 “4 Signs you have a Victim Mentality” by Aren Deu #24

Tagline: “Take your power back now”

Avoiding a victim mentality is key to your success, happiness and true fulfilment. Are you a victim or victor?

This is an important question and a self realisation exercise.

It is important we recognise our own behaviour and thoughts. We must become self-aware. We will only ever grow in life when we refuse to have a victim mentality. It is our behaviour and thoughts that will dictate the quality of our actions. This then affects our decisions to move us towards happiness, fulfilment and achieving our goals.

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This episode covers 4 signs and examples that you may not be aware off. You may not be aware that you or someone around you has a victim mentality. If you find these signs useful, I am happy to elaborate on more points to truly help you move forward. Furthermore, do not hesitate to get in touch with me personally!

We have all been there

If you can relate to these, don’t despair however and I have been there. In fact I would argue most of the population has but the key is to recognise this. Once we recognise this we can develop our mindset and grow it. It is only with a growth mindset we can take our power back.

Take accountability for your actions. Then grasp your power and develop your confidence by owning your decisions.

Furthermore, this will create a change in your mentality to achieve your goals and dreams.

Let’s combat those excuses now and do and be better. I hope you all have an amazing day!

Do not forget to get in touch via any of the social media handles below. Let’s connect and continue to push this movement forward.

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