From world championship kickboxing to physical paralysis #4

From world championship kickboxing to physical paralysis #4
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Click photo to listen from an ex world championship kickboxing athlete, who’s life screams adversity, yet his attitude shouts gratitude!

Find your voice – Episode 4 – F*ck it by Joshua Alexander

The most inspiring guy I know

I don’t say that light heartedly. I am always motivated by people, but I also motivate myself and find inspiration in my own struggles, battles and successes. This is something we should all try to do from time to time. Appreciate our own wins too. But Joshua, exceeds everything I could fathom in terms of adversity and building resilience.

When adversity hits

Joshua Alexander, is a genuinely loveable guy. He was a talented athlete destined to do great things, which he did. A World title in New York for kickboxing, semi-professional football, acting in Macbeth to modelling. It seemed he had the world at his feet.

However, as with all the ups he was then to be hit with a continuous serious of downs. The death of his 2 close friends suddenly rocked his world. He then got hit with Quinsy illness along with more health complications. Things had started to turn and spiral downwards, as quickly as they had gone upwards. He was now finding everyday a blessing, just to be able to get out of bed. Just to be able to do the things, we all so often take for granted.

But with a mindset of a true champion, the guy I refer to as the UK Rock (a nickname I give him) has found his power again. He has found his voice and found a way to control what he can control. His mindset. Also, more exciting news is that he is starting his own podcast, Figure it out which will be ab absolute hit. I am so excited to hear this and see Joshua share his story!

He adopts a “F*ck it” mentality but the most beautiful thing about his story is, he sees himself as “ The luckiest man in the world”.

I urge you to follow his story and watch this space as he comes out of his comfort zone to prove that physical or mental challenges should never stop you from being average or giving up.

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