3 Ways To Fix Your Mindset #40

3 Ways To Fix Your Mindset #40

“How to fix a broken mindset” #40 by Aren Deu

Tagline: “If you don’t adopt this, then Find your voice becomes a pointless session. I urge you to listen and implement these 3 ways to fix your mindset.”

3 ways to fix your mindset aren deu find your voice

Your mindset is everything. A simple definition of the word ‘mindset’ is that it is a collection of beliefs and thoughts. Now if we expand on the importance of it, then we have to recognise that our mindset will have an unprecedented impact on our day-to-day lives. We are governed so strongly by the things we believe and think, even when we do not realise it.

Now of course, when I say I am proposing 3 ways to fix a broken mindset, I want you to recognise that this is to help you move towards a growth mindset. This is said in tongue in cheek, and plays on words by using the word “fix”. Remember fixing a mindset, does not mean getting a fixed mindset. Especially as a fixed mindset is a broken mindset.

The purpose of this episode

The aim of this episode is to get you all to walk away with 3 tangible steps, that require no unique talents or effort, yet can still massively enhance your life. Just by operating and utilising these 3 steps you will instantly realise and reap the benefits from changing your thoughts and initial beliefs.

I sincerely hope after this episode you gain genuine value. Funnily enough, I dislike talking for the sake of talking as I truly appreciate time is our most important commodity. So just to have you tune in, means the world to me. But what would mean more, would be to see you all implement even just 1 of the steps in this podcast.

Let me also know how you found it and if you have any others to share too.

P.s. Any shares of the podcast, this episode or others, on social media (tag me in) I will repost and re share as many of them as possible too!

Have an awesome day!

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