From being homeless to speaking on stage #3

From being homeless to speaking on stage #3

 being homeless to speaking on stage
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Click the photo to listen to Theo share his story about being homeless to speaking on stage

Find your voice – Episode 3 – From being homeless to speaking on stage by Theodore Shakur.

Theodore Shakur also known as Theo, knows what it is like to hit rock bottom. He has had a life of so much adversity and hardship that rather than killing him, it has only made him so much stronger. Determined to find his voice Theo had to make a choice. He made a decision to change his life. He wanted to show the world he was more than his current circumstances. The way in which he did this, he would often lay there visualing.

“Visualise, visualise, visualise” – Theo

This is what he kept saying to himself, as he manifested himself a better future.

From sleeping on the streets of Victoria Station to ridding himself of his drug addiction Theo’s life has turned around. He puts this down to his ability to truly connect with himself. He became more self-aware and really focused on understanding who he was.

In doing this his passion now is to touch as many lives as possible, with a 50,000 target next year. Titans Mastermind is his movement and is about becoming a Titan of your own life!

Let me assure you, this is one guy whos story you want to follow, as it has only just begun. He is often in and out of social media, but he can be found. Do reach out and let him know where you first heard about him.

“Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings influences our actions” – Theodore Treveil

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