3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry

3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry

3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry, stress anxiety and find your purpose. To narrow it down to 3 books to help you was not easy. But this is my best shot. I have read many books over the years. However, very few have had such a profound effect on my life. These 3 books have massively helped me level up and served me well. They have helped me deal with my emotions, anxiety, stress and make better informed decisions. On top of that they have provided tangible actions that I can implement daily. They have helped me to want to do and become more too.

3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry, Stress, Anxiety & Find Your Purpose #64

I can recommend 100s of books that offer similar messages. But when I sat down and had a real think about just 3, these 3 books sprung to mind. These 3 cbooks to help you, have helped me more than I can put into words. They have come at different stages of my life. Each time I was able to really level up and use the wisdom in these books. They also differ from the obvious “Think & Grow Rich, As a man thinketh and other popular books people love to read”. By the way, those books mentioned are awesome. You should definitely read them too!

If you want to check these out, I’ve provided links below:


The Chimp Paradox – Dr Steve Peters


This book will help you control your emotions to help you act in your own best interest when you make decisions.

“The Person that you want to be is, the person that you really are” – Dr Steve Peters


How to stop worrying & Start Living


This will help you put stop losses on stresses and grief. It will help you when you suffer with overwhelm or confusion. Allow you to manage today, not consumed by yesterday or fearful of tomorrow.

“You can sing only what you are, You can paint only what you are. You must be what your experiences, your environment, and your heredity have made you. For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.” 


The Power of Purpose: Les Brown


This is about finding your purpose, hence the title. But it is about getting out of your own way, writing your own story, overcoming your obstacles.  It will force you to question yourself and your current situation. It will also help you:

Experiencing your freedom and power, focus on your greatness, guard yourself against negativity and live each day being true to yourself.

“Ask yourself, What do I really want out of my life?” – Les Brown

I hope this episode and books add value to your life in the same way it added to mine.

Thanks for listening

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Pippa transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode a Floyd your voice my name is are in and as always I am the host of the show so today I want to do something a little bit different what I’m actually going to do is recommend you some books nine oh if there is somebody who’s listening to this show and the thing can I read it what don’t worry you’re not alone because I don’t like reading either yet friendly enough over the last eighteen to twenty four months I’ve probably read over a hundred books now that’s not me try to wear a badge of honor or anything like that what is trying to tell you is that I recognize the importance of books because what we can do is if we get the right information in front of us we can type collapse I JT’s incredibly so I thought for the purpose of for your voice it would be useful for yourselves to have something that’s going to help you because most lightly mall I listeners are people who have been through adversity people who have experience anxiety (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) elemental house or just somebody really struggling to try and overcome the current circumstances so as a result of that what I’ve done is I’ve kind of done a bit of research I’ve come back enough though what are the books that really changed my life what kind of stuff did I lead a what kind of stuff did I really think IT help book to change my life and as a result of the I’ve got three books said I want to share with you guys and again I’m not sponsored by any of these books but they have massively help me at different stages in my law life saw fence the the first book I want to talk about is the chip paradox no I read this I think when I was about twenty five now give my age away here a little bit which is a long time ago and this book was incredible for quite a few reasons actually so all I do crazy things like kind of well not necessarily that crazy but I buy my now is a lot I used to be G. I had a massive massive BG disorder I used to be quite an emotional carte de vita stolen from be completely honest so what he called it did was it was telling me that there is a reason for my actions and I may be able to potentially help myself so I thought let’s check it out so very briefly what this book is about it’s about controlling your emotions to help you act in your own best interest and more so for when you make decisions to make sure those decisions actually saving you as opposed to you sabotaging your progress now all I have to like I said I used to Beijing at that time I think it was around the time was boxing as well and if your BG tad your trying to get into fitness and stuff we just want to maintain your fitness it’s going to be very very difficult so it’s a fantastic book the basic premise is that we have a chip are we have a computer in our brain so there’s basically two parts of it now the chimp reacts and makes decisions on emotion where is the human part of the brain our E. which uses the computer that kind of uses box so we can probably will relate to that in psalm aspect because how many times would you know that you should do something based on the scientific fact but the you never really do it because your pumped by emotional Ryan girl pharaoh resentment or whatever that kind of overarching emotion is enough to really really affect you so that’s us of it just to be mindful of a one of the great quote some just gonna give a quote for me to these books as well is that the person you want to be is the person that you really are not for me is an incredible call because that’s what finding your voice is about as well because sometimes we may not fail satisfied we may feel a bit lost in life and thinking it’s just not right is it I’m most of time that is because you’re not allowed to your values and your ethics and you not be congruent with the pace that you really really want to be called and this is where you see a lot of people who may chase fable chase money or do things thank you that’s gonna Moscow over there in total belief system there in total wants and desires and they can recognize that achieving a hoppy whereas if you could just find that and that could be a simple is sitting in the study room with a green screen behind you speak into a bike and just try to inspire one or two people that could literally just be that so anyway moving on to number two this book was recommended to me by one of my best friends and I am so grateful for it because I actually read this book during my stint of reading a hundred two hundred fifty Bucks I what recognize was I almost fell into this quite a pot of just conceiving I’m not really taking the end so just reading for the sake of taking off how many books can I read it was almost like a competition with god knows he long story short as I read it again because I was going through a bit of a difficult time in two thousand and nineteen and I was going through this tough time and during the tough time my friend says have you read this book and I thought that sounds familiar according to connect the dots I’m not made me recognize straight away the instance I’d never took in the lessons from this book so I thought let’s try let’s try again so is traveling in Japan at the time and I started reading this book and I finished it now for the second time and this book itself was actually court hive to stop worrying and start living so you can hear it straight away from the tie or that this is a book for all you worry is out there (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) Foro somebody he just really wants to start living their way their life on their terms by the way he has this new this voice ever so you have a little worry about order books out a lot my voice or my exit this guy he has a voice that you just wanna con a listen to everything that he says and this book was incredible because it’s gonna help were you worry is out there is going to help you we show actionable technique X. that you can do is going to help you put a stop loss is a when you’re stressed them when you’re grieving and it’s going to help you with overwhelmed and confusion as well so for me it was fantastic he uses really great analogies that daytime compartments I you also that house in like a story former so I don’t know if you’re anything like me I love stories a love story telling you when you get stories told to you hello easy to remember all that just black white facts unless of course that’s quite a few things are one of the best quotes from this book was you can sing only what you are you can pay only what you all you must be what your experiences your environment I knew her registry have made you for better or for worse you must pay you only (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) instrument in the orchestra of life no I absolutely love that because what does that tell you that actually tells you we must be ourselves be must be authentic to ourselves this is what find your voice is about is not about finding your next door neighbors voice is not about finding your mom’s voice your spices voice it’s about finding your voice it’s about being authentic to yourself and understand we’re in a world of social media where a lot of people impose their beliefs and their wills upon you a lot of people tell you what you should and you should do and sometimes we just want to fit into cries but can you just for a second just take a step back and think what to order pay what instrument do I wanna play what voice too I want the world to see not should be like Stephen PSS earlier the person that you want to be the person that you also they link to needs to really understand the person you want to come and that’s the person that you gonna need to become so these two books of really really help me in terms of was I in my motions and just try to understand myself and managing my motions in the next book it kind of follows on quite conveniently actually because it was the next one I see maybe take a jump and it may be do you wear what I am doing today I mean I didn’t let you stop apart because as soon as it happened but the subsequent steps I took after reading this book I E. given up a full time occupation try new things find new ventures has not led me to this place so it’s a fine tested book and not is by les brown is called the power of purpose and is more of a compilation of some of these wake and this again like the title says about finding your purpose hence the pile but what is is is a pack and I have your own way right in your own story so similar to the intro of for your voice it’s about write your own story in overcoming any of the obstacles that you’ve had in your life it would also force you similar to the second book to question yourself and your current situation is to ask yourself what your dreams consist of what is your internal got telling you that you need to be a game Hugh is the person that you truly want to be I had are you singing who you all are you playing the instrument of your experiences or are you just reading something that almost regurgitate and not just because you think it’s going to get you some lights on Instagram or your social media how does and this book will help you like experience not just only freedom impala but to help you folks in your greatness hope you kind of gaudy gaze negativity living each day being true to yourself a gain authenticity a gain finding your voice so these three books (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) kind of Lincoln I guess when you look at while start find your voice as this empowerment soft help kind of podcast you can understand why these three books had such a profound effect on my life and help me I thought this movement and one of the quotes that he says in this is really weird because as I was going through the book I was just thinking of some of the stuff that I really enjoyed it was that you mentioned by what about a lost guesstimate Bailey I this board was about what do I really one out of my life I don’t think when les brown said that about particular point in my life I recognize that it wasn’t the money to go out spending a by design again on the weekend of buying a car drinking as much Bacardi avoid cries a quick there was something more (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) intrinsic with me which I always do you by the way I was a people pleaser I and that’s one of the things that has got me to a lot of trouble because I wanted to make other people happy rob the myself and as a result of that white tended to do was make other people happy at the expense of my old happiness and dot was a shame because it took me to a lot longer a life for me to really start to find my (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) voices start to write my own story and again the whole purpose behind this podcast is the I bring the people on to the show and also tell you a little bit about my experiences also you don’t have to wait you don’t have to all working towards a person that you are the person that you want to be called too late in life you can start that today in this book obviously if you can really dive into a really listen to it it’s gonna make you jump and it literally did listen to that and then it was like the weekend after I was out okay I’m kind of annoyed said that’s pretty much what I did so where does the three of the books I mean I can talk about books or the time out to really love in that time cuts my JD I love park castle of books and of conceiving information from the great minds in the world and hopefully this episode is often does a little bit different but it can help you find your voice because it certainly helped me find my voice because sometimes we look at people that one of the things I try to do is get blueprints for white people all the way that they all because then I think if you hide something similar maybe in your heart of hearts that you want to do similar to the pace of hops I think if I can just get that prepared for you that hopefully that will give you the best information in the quickest and the less heartbreaking and you know going through the less said the S. T. route to get to where you need to get to so hopefully that makes it a bit of sense and again I just wanna say thank you thank you so much for the bottom of my heart if you watch and so you should as well you can see I’ve started to someone studio will I have some more pounds to kind of change around but for now hopefully the suffices you can hopefully see me not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I’m I just want to really trying to gauge and we try to work on this community that we all crave the B. but we’re getting credible about really since that I just feel that it would be so nice to interact with you guys because of what I can do is if the something that you need help with a particular contrived find that kind of guest I can try to bring that resource to the shower I can recommend somebody else’s all because this isn’t about me trying to sell you anything this is the truth about me just try to help you with the right episodes with the right information to be July fourth find your voice and of course write your own story so with that in mind I would leave it that way thank you so much for the bald the Hoffa spend the time with me today I hope you find this use for it I would assume they guys and remember this podcast is absolutely free (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day. 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry 3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry

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