10 Things to help your mental health during Coronavirus Social Distancing, self-isolation & quarantine

10 Things to help your mental health during Coronavirus Social Distancing, self-isolation & quarantine

10 Things to help your mental health during Coronavirus Social Distancing, self-isolation & quarantine. These are testing times for sure.

I sympathise with anyone at this time. Noone is unaffected but and as I always state about our problems not being exclusive to ourselves, there is no truer realisation for us all that, that is the case.

However, conscious that loneliness and self-isolation can increase the pressures on our mental health during this period of coronavirus (Covid-19) I want to try to help you with 10 things you can do that will massively help you during these testing times.

Prior to listening to this, you may want to check the last episode out which has a further 10 hacks, that will help you during this pandemic too. My goal is to ensure you do not lose momentum or suffer alone in these times. So I sincerely hope these help you.

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10 things everyone can do today during this period of self isolation & social distancing to protect our mental health

1. Get help from your local governments. Money along with health is the most feared concept for all people. For its not a concern, but for many it is. So in these times, reach out to your local governments as they will have many ways they can help you. Direct debits etc can also be reduced or stalled from car finance companies etc to really help you during this moment of uncertainty.

2. Start with gratitude, isolation is not the end. Isolation is protecting ourselves, but just as importantly protecting those who are vulnerable. I believe with all of my heart if you listen to my podcast, you are like me. You care just as much for others as you do for yourself. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t imagine you’d be sticking around for long. So gratitude for us is a must. We should be grateful we are in a position to help others (even through technically doing nothing). We should be grateful for having a roof over our heads, access to water and toilets/showers. The ability to connect via FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or mobiles to all our loved ones too.

3. Read some books. Or if you’re like me listen to them. This is a time to enhance your mind without the pressures of being somewhere else or having to do anything else. Books allow us to time collapse our journeys, change our perspectives and just develop. If you want recommendations please let me know, although most of my books are non-fiction personal developments. But even if its a fiction book, knock off those slippers kick back and read to your hearts content.

4. Watch this is us. Now I am obviously looking for an endorsement but this show has been incredible. It looks at all the different obstacles and adversities we face in life, from parenting, to racism, to self-image, confidence etc Yet the messages are beautifully scripted and acted out. I literally leave each show with my heart full and head bursting with ideas for blogs and podcast shows to hopefully help you all.

5. Recharge your batteries. So often in life we are on autopilot and rarely take a step back to look at our well-being. This is time to sit back, re assess your life and see if the story you are writing is one you want to continue to writing. Would you be happy doing this for the next 10-15 years? If no, then you have such a huge possibility to change your future by starting today. 5 years ago today I would have believed I had to work till I was 65, yet here I am able to connect with you all and do the things that fill my heart more than anything in the world. It took blood sweat and tears but it started with the decision to do so. You have that power to make the decision now, even if you think you don’t.

6. Clean! If you’re a guy, do some handy work around the house and clean. You will get yourself some brownie points, but you also have a cleaner house & decluttering helps with your mind space.

7. Skype/Zoom people. This is crucial, because although it won’t replace physical social interaction we need to communicate with people, and we do not want to suffer with loneliness. So reach out to your loved ones. Hey reach out to me! I am always active on Instagram and ill try to reach back out to you too.

8. Journal. If you are suffering with anxiety in this time, journaling is my #1 tool for combatting overwhelm and anxious feelings. Just throw anything and everything in your head onto paper and watch your brain feel lighter, mood get brighter and smile get wider over time. Its powerful beyond belief!

9. Start your day with Find Your Voice Podcast!

10. Learn something new. Okay so to date we probably learnt a few celebrities have got coronavirus and that its taking over the world, with people snatching toilet rolls and doing all sorts of crazy habits. Well the time you spend, reading the same information that will only add to your anxiety, perhaps you could randomly research something you’re interested about? How about brain health? How about the benefits of adversity? Or how to cook pad thai? How to exercise at home? It can truly be anything, but time I something we will never got back. Skill sets and new learnings are also things we will always have. So

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Covid19, Covid-19, Coronavirus is just a phase of adversity we are all capable of overcoming and prospering from.

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now this is the number one thing that has helped me with my as I eat it helps me every single day welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is Iran and as always I am the host of the show now this is quite an unexpected episode not just for myself probably for yourselves as well because nobody thought we would be exactly where we are today I’m not this kind of life although we’ve not experienced at least in my lifetime a pandemic anything like the corona virus like Colbert nineteen we are now in I’m not even said a word because I would just drive me absolutely crazy but you know what I’m about to say we’re in times that we’ve never been in before so one thing that I will say openly and honestly is that nobody really knows what’s going on and none of us I’ve got the magic pill to really pick us up out of this but what we can do is draw on past experience there are many times in life where certain habits and said things that we can continually do not just for ourselves but for other people as well that can massively move us forward so this is one of the key reasons for doing this episode because one of the things I recognize is in my work as a social worker and learning about mental health and really become a mental health advocate is that isolation and loneliness a some of the scariest things and some of the biggest factor as to why people experience mental health especially for the elderly people as well I knew let’s look at the pandemic number going through now with corona virus we are suffering dot we are all being forced to self isolate now and at this point my heart goes out to all those people who may not necessarily have a good support network around them so I’m gonna run through ten ways out hopefully you guys can stay safe and alleviate some of these mental health problems and concerns that many of us are going to today including myself by the way this has been a very very anxious week for myself as well but I really really tried to switch off and just do the things that all I know (subscribe to find your voice podcast to help your mental health during covid19 self isolation corona virus) call me and help me such as listening to music such as just relaxing with the wife and just eat some good food as well that really really helped me as all but one thing I will say is with corona virus it does trigger mental health issues such as dispatch an increased level of how things are E. there’s a fear for loved ones kind of one’s called due to having no food there is a decrease financial security element there is all people are not having the ability (subscribe to find your voice podcast to help your mental health during covid19 self isolation corona virus) even the access to funds that maybe they would always get so people are struggling to pay rent people started to buy the necessities that they want there is triggers and feelings of hopelessness because let’s be honest none of us can really do much not especially women or asked to be quarantined and isolated at the same time there’s almost this mindset switch which has gone from living to survival which is quite scary because a lot of people acting quite scarily so this episode will hopefully give you ten tips that you can massively just ought to do today and I really sincerely hope that they do help you and please do reach out if ever you need another sign more do you want to connect as well myself so number one is to get help from local governments are here in the U. K. and you’re listening to this there was quite a few things and I was just the day now I’m not gonna get involved in but that was good or not because they obviously helps a lot of people and it’s been a lot better than what it was two days ago at the same time this does a certain element of a select number of people who aren’t necessarily being help such as a self employed for example but let’s hope let’s keep our fingers crossed that something comes into play over the next week or so just to kind of help those people as well because everyone’s ability to earn money or why money from what they do are you with the sacrifice time or whatever it is they all deserve the same level in terms of what they get back I think it’s unfair that same people are being picked up by a gate I could be wrong something could be in the works of please do reach out if you’re struggling for financial support there is not a measurement in place so you don’t have to think that having that little bit of money is going to really mess up your next few weeks months or years there is something out there please do reach out please do try these hot lines as well because I don’t want financial security really became you mental health number to start the day regret you know this might sound like how the how do we start with gratitude when we’re going through such uncertain times but I promise you being able to just be great for is gonna massively help as well were in isolation because we have to recognize the isolation is actually protecting ourselves and other people as well so if you can just re frame the ever so slightly and not see as a sort of punishment or so of a survival mechanism in fact us being able to isolate ourselves we should be very grateful that now we are hopefully not spreading diseases or adding to this pandemic that is going on old across the road so let’s start the day with a gradually less will start gradually that we have the capability to at least listen to this episode so that means you must have a phone or radio or access to a laptop for example that’s all we got you that you have a roof over your head let’s also be grateful that we have access to water we have access to a shower a toilet the basic necessities that not everyone in the world highs and that should make you think that yes we’re going to abandon it now most of us but these people live a lot worse than this and this is in a my life is bad in your life all my life is worse this is just a moment all blessed be grateful for every single thing that we have not and maybe once all this changes and things start to move forward bad then absolutely we condemned be grateful for the things that we took for granted let’s be honest every single one of us took for granted the ability just to go to the gym I preach about this all the time get yourself to the gym and is always all do it next week or two to make a the one under this can go to the gym so we’re pretty stuffed sawdust one of the things I really want you to take in today got you got you got you got you number three I need you to read books I need you to use this time even if it’s fifty minutes a day even if it’s just to get the habit of reading books where you can really start to change the mindset or listen to them I prefer audible audible is free are known to have links in every single one of my podcast we can let you sign up for free I don’t get nothing from it but it’s a free book it’s a free but you have nothing to lose if you don’t like it retained it but it must be you must be help you and I’ve had an episode of Kerr mood it was ten fifteen episodes ago where recommended three of the best books I don’t hold me but I also have another one where there’s some new books I’ve listened to and all my god they are absolutely incredible so we’ll be bringing a podcast I or not because I think it’s gonna massively help you find your voice and me forward in life number four watch this is us now said this is my last podcast and it’s very very rare and I speak about TV programs because we all have different tastes you know some of us like this is some of us like that but there is something about the show especially in a time like this where it talks about the topics every single one of us go through so some of the interviews that you’ve heard me say on this podcast previously we over the past I’ve had who have suffered with loneliness you have suffered with having one parent who have suffered with illness such as cancer there are so many Amazing Stories within this series this is us which is on Amazon prime that you’re gonna start to think why or even value might be like myself where you think you know what I need to act better I need to become a better person because he’s taught me so so much but it will make you cry if you have a hot so be warned that you will need to see so if you Austro on tissues in this diet tied the maybe is not right for you to watch your right now maybe wait a few weeks and then check it out number five use this time to recharge your batteries especially if you’re self employed or entrepreneurs or even somebody who just waking really really really hard in that job this is a time now where we have the capability to own one we have the capability to recharge our batteries because life so often many of us we’re just going through the motions and we’re kind of on this roller coaster just kind of waiting for the I. newly evil for Christmas to come around again but now we have the ability to just sit home and just to relax and just to be a little bit present so what does meditation with us just sit with your family with your children well just reading a book or just listen to this podcast you have the ability to just unwind let your body relax let your body get ready because hopefully in a few months time everything will be back to normal and Dustin you can really give yourself that level of gratitude that level of being recharged and fully fit and ready to go and hopefully with some books in your mind you’re going to be absolutely unstoppable number six now this is probably for if you really wanna get brownie points is not something the item passed me starting the highs of course you can only clean the house for awhile a day or two but you can create a you can do some D. I. Y. Rick around the eyes maybe the thing that the wife was always telling you to do you get yourself some brownie points and if you’re in isolation with your wife you need those burning points you do not want to get in trouble so get yourselves always brownie points why you can’t number seven Skype zoom facetime incredible platforms where we can connect with people now although we don’t have the ability to physically interact with people as much as we may have hoped (subscribe to find your voice podcast to help your mental health during covid19 self isolation corona virus) wanted to do we now have the ability to just connect with someone so you can literally at the press of a button connect with your loved ones make sure you check in on loved ones especially those who are slightly older (subscribe to find your voice podcast to help your mental health during covid19 self isolation corona virus) may live alone because loneliness is going to affect every single one of us alone in this will affect people’s mental health over time so make sure you just check in maybe it takes maybe a what’s up but if you kind of let them see a face is something special about when you see somebody’s face because you can see the motion from them you can feel the love from them as well so if you have the opportunity to connect to the I mean let’s be grateful that we even have that facility I remember growing up as a teenager it was always about text there was no way I could actually physically see the person I’m speaking to but we now have that capability so make sure you go out facetime Skype Z. whatever it is however you do it do it by journal now this is the number one thing that has helped me with mine as I eat it helps me every single day I blog post ally right lost (subscribe to find your voice podcast to help your mental health during covid19 self isolation corona virus) so you’ll probably see my eyes wandering from here to here throughout this video because a lot of my videos and a lot of my podcast off from blogging and Jennings I get whatever is in here well I was running around in my head straight on to paper the mom I do that I feel like somebody had just come off my shoulders I feel that tension just dissipate and I feel so much better and so much more relaxed at the same time I get more creative because I start to think of solutions as well although we’re not Hyundai company he’s that way to get it we are also in a great opportunity to now ensure that we do not get us all stuffed next time this happens or something like this happens again so if you got a different business model that you need to implement stocked implemented not start to learn about it does a new way that you can secure your finances or assets or to just to make sure that your family are safe and your safe of course and now is the time to really start to do that number nine start your day with the find your voice podcast so I remember when I started this podcast JD I love my podcast and a lot of feedback about was how it is making me cry iris soul was so emotional I don’t know that was part of the aim of the podcast it was also to inspire hope is lost so for anyone who’s new away try to listen to him and look at the whole parliament as well the reason I share stories of people who’ve gone through adversity is because they’ve come out the other side or they’re coming out the other side and that should prove an element of hope for yourself because I want you to recognize that your problems aren’t exclusive to any one person in this world can overcome those problems then so can you does normally the whole reason behind the show I want you to know that we can all get through it we have to learn to get through it unfortunately life is not going to stop unfortunate this pandemic this isolation this whatever is going on in the world is not going to stop right now so we have to deal with the we have to overcome our excuses we have to tackle OD vesti them we have to just whip together and come through it with the right mindset right physical health of course I number ten learn something new so I said this I think my last video where I spoke about the importance of exercise and nutrition and some of that stuff so make sure you check but I think it was on this day but less of the new this is a fantastic time to just learn something that you’ve always wanted to do but more importantly than that it’s going to improve your brain health is gonna make you feel more crave is gonna make you feel less isolated less lonely because you can be excited think about the times were you really delve into something that you’re passionate about for the first few months maybe even the past few years you’re very very excited to keep yourself elevate keep myself and do just that in this time of need and keep yourself active is also listen to the episode listen to this one of try not to do the same kind of stuff again I want to keep these fresh I want to keep these new but this was obviously more about we are not you know isolation a wanted to order comma this isolation not with your brains fries up with your brain to be charged with your mental health intact as long as your physical health is also possible for me check me out over on Instagram noticed on Facebook as well I think I’m at the limit of friends but please do reach out because I do offer a lot of free guard is in terms of health and fitness as well just to kind of keep yourself active I’m gonna be doing some homework as myself and I’m not sure those with the road is also no this isn’t necessarily a fitness kind of podcast but at the same time we need a fitness health and I’m into hot dogs to keep moving forward to find a voice and of course right arrow story so I sincerely hope you all stay very very safe I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for cheating and and have yourself an awesome weekend thanks for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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