10 Successful Habits part 1 #71

10 Successful Habits part 1 #71

10 Successful Habits part 1 to help you find your voice by Aren Deu

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” – Vince Lombardi #71

So having interviewed almost a 70 people now, from all over the world, I wanted to share some important success habits they shared on their episodes. Now if you are a true Find Your Voice fan, you will recognise all of these, but even then I hope it will jog your memory and come as an important reminder of habits you may not be implementing that you potentially could.

Also, I want to make sure that these habits, are explained and that you recognise, that you do not need to do all of these. Trust me that would be so overwhelming and drive you absolutely mad!

But what I do massively encourage is that you at least play around with a few of these and give yourself that hour or 2 a day to really try to put yourself first in order to achieve your goals and achieve excellence in your life.

Enjoy & stay tuned for part 2 of 10 success habits

10 successful habits part 1

1. Planning the next day

One of the best hacks to reduce my own personal overwhelm is this. Planning the next day, stops me firefighting tomorrows tasks for other people. It instead puts me in a position of power to know what I need to do, for me. This is powerful and also allows you sleep much better. Dumping things onto power is powerful.

2. Identify your weaknesses and strengths

This requires a bit of self-criticism and knocking your ego down slightly. But without knowing your strengths and weaknesses how can you capitalise and improve? More is explained in this episode.

3. Exercise

A personal trainer, a health advocate not mentioning exercise would be odd right? So I explain the benefits of just 30 minutes a day to help enhance your mind, body and more importantly translate into your overall success.

4. Journaling

If you watch me on Instagram, this is a new habit for 2020. Something I am consciously trying to do. To unscramble my mind, my thoughts and gain clarity for my actions. Something I so often overlooked yet now can’t get away from.

5. Nutrition + Hydration

This is linked to point 3, but i elaborate more on this during the episode. Something that will affect our overall well-being and must not be taken lightly. I am not perfect at this, but I am trying daily to be better.

6. Self reflection / assessment

Further information on episode 54 – 5 Ways to become more self aware


7. 30 minutes of self development

The greatest of all entrepreneurs do more than this. So even if you are just starting out, I encourage you to do just 30 minutes. An audiobook, a podcast or some online courses. We have to develop ourselves and increase our skill set.

8. Goal setting – reviewing and visualising

Further information on episode 69


See below.

9. Affirmations / Self talk

This is very very important, as our subconcious has more of an impact on our day to day then we recognise. If we want to change our habits and lives, we have to start to change our subconcious. I have released videos and clips from experts I have spoken about in relation to this. Why affirmations don’t work more specifically so check out the YouTube Channel for Find Your Voice for these videos.

10. Develop a Growth Mindset

Further information on episode 40


See below.

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Pippa transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode a fight your voice my name is art and as always I am the host of the show so I hope you all have been an amazing start to twenty twenty and if you’re not do not despair because what I have for you is an incredible T. pot show and on this show what I’m gonna do is give you some of the tips dot the seventy (subscribe to find your voice) so people dog interview to date from all over the world have given me now obviously for those of you who have listened to every single episode some of these may sound like you’ve heard it before but always feel is always good to have you met me V. jogged especially because it kind of re affair some of the lessons of maybe some of the stuff that you thought hi I should have done that but you never got around to doing so I’m gonna leave ten successful habits stuff taken and extracted from some of the episodes but I’m also gonna do another episode following this well taken of the ten as well so it won’t be regurgitated the same information because it was just so many to choose from and I actually had a list of about date three I’m not to cut the enough them because it’s just (subscribe to find your voice) let’s just focus on the twenty ninth one thing I will say is you have not got to do or twenty in fact you probably don’t even have to do all ten of them because this the you may already be doing some of these which is absolutely fantastic by the way and I hope you have been doing that especially if you’ve been a listener for a wall nine but secondly it’s about finding what works for you so what I’d recommend is that you trial and error a couple of these so for example I’ve tried meditation and you’ve heard me speak about meditation how I kept it up sadly I haven’t however while I have found to really kind of made me more present and really just focus on where I wanna go it’s still the gym so I just kind of incorporate my meditation into the gym and towards the last fifty minutes are kind of slow down and when I’m stretching that’s where I kind of have my meditative state so try a couple of these remember successful people leave please and every single point I mentioned today has been said on the previous episode well I’ve read in a book from an incredible mind who has implemented it too so hopefully you will find by you from this so without further ado I’m gonna let you jump straight in to the first ten the fast one I need the date the night before now you might be thinking that’s a very very simple one well actually it is how often do we neglect the simple things so one of the things I struggle with G. two struggling with overwhelming anxiety quite often is that if I know the next day (subscribe to find your voice) the subsequent days are gonna be quite hectic and item pundit and I mean plan in it almost to the hour I concede that night I have a brain that’s overactive I’m always overthinking things you know I’ve got all these crazy stories in my head but not so that was (subscribe to find your voice) for another day I need to write down so as a result of that what I found is every night before I turn my phone off all I will let you go to the next day I will see what’s already booked and so whether it’s a podcast whether it’s a property meeting or an investor meeting I know what I’ll do is I’ll look at my spare times around the I’m within the (subscribe to find your voice) Withrow a multi successful habits or habits at least I’m trying to incorporate today so you want to stop handing it because the last thing you want to do is wake up the next day I’m firefight so how many of us especially myself by the way I used to make them five fight the day I would be tackling other people’s problems and very rarely would I ever get time to focus on my own journey all my own success and really trying to find my voice and write my own story is also make sure you planned the day the night before so I least when you wake up you know exactly what you gotta do number two you need to identify your weaknesses I know your strands knives you’re probably thinking mmhm how do I do that well I’m gonna tell you you’ve got to be honest with yourself you’ve got to be really really honest and you’re gonna have that look in the mirror and you’re gonna say actually I’m I really great at this or I’m actually pretty good at this and maybe I should be a bit more confident in my ability to deliver this so I had to do this and I’ll just give you a very very quick example one of the things I’m not good at is organizing myself as I sit here and as I pen this episode which I’m pretty proud of by the way I have paperwork and boxes and also is lying around the table and when it comes to my job my actual full time job which is property investing in developing my god if you ask me with some of the paperwork is it’s gonna take me about two days to find it and I’m really struggling with that element of it however if you ask me to think of an audio crave blog post (subscribe to find your voice) create something a little bit Craven different I can do that with in the day and that’s one of the things are recognized in myself I recognize where my skills all and then in order to get towards my goals are recognized the skills the I was either lacking thought could develop or the types of people I need you to bring into my life so make sure you have this artist look at if you have somebody that can be accountable for you I. E. as spies your best friend your brother that even a parent than Austin Austin to be completely honest with you I and identify what they believe but just remember just remember guys and gals they may not be a hundred percent right so have an honest look and think I actually are they right there or have they completely missed the trick as well by the same time don’t be completely deluded to thinking that you are one hundred percent perfect which I wish you was and I hope one day you will be but we all know that thing of perfect well it car doesn’t exist as a I mean like the great Vince Lombardi once said perfection is not attainable however if we chase perfection we can catch excellence and that’s what I want from every single one of you number three exercise now you know all the fitness guy right you know I operate in the health and fitness industry I’m always trying to help people with the health and fitness I’m not trying to that as much as I possibly can because I want people to be house yes in far too many people die and struggle with L. health in my life that one of the things I do is when I have spare time is of trying help people with the health and fitness but exercising doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go and attain those six pack ABS we need traps the odd as big as mountings no what I mean by exercise it could be as simple as dancing or going zoom by Ole yoga or even going for a walk you need to get moving you need to move your body were designed to me unfortunately were not designed to sit down and watch Netflix or day so make sure you incorporate a minimum of thirty percent they present a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise every single day at the very least of course I’d like you to do at least an hour and remember us only four percent of your day because that’s gonna have a massive compound effect not just for your physical body but also for your mental health as well number four journaling not this has been my savior because has if you’re anything like me I struggle with overwhelm I struggle so much with over one that sometimes my brain is not just trying to absorb the things I need to do in order the problems and opportunities I have in my life but he’s also making up random stories it’s over thinking twenty four seven so (subscribe to find your voice) what I find with Jenny is that your able to transfer the stuff that’s flying around in your head and crane all sorts of havoc I’m put it down on a path and the most you can put down to pay pal Khan explain the difference that you’ll feel because what you’re gonna do is you almost kind of just get it out of the way and then went to some papers sometimes what you recognize is actually the problem that you thought was bigger than it was actually isn’t that big another thing is if you try to adopt the solution based approach which I’ve mentioned on many of the podcast previously you’re not you probably thought to think of ways that you can actually talk without problem just by writing it down so get Jelling guys there is no set way of joining you can do it however you feel wicks it could even be talking to your phone it could even be talking into a podcast I mean why do you need to do just get out of your head because sometimes when it’s in I had probably the best place for it to stay number five nutrition and hydration you yes yes yes I. half to bind on about this because so often we get so busy I’m a grinding away you know but do know all those things to try and move us all sport but will forget to put the right if you will in our body and I’m not going to use any cheesy card of cliches about well in the right petrol into a call that you should be doing the same with this up because you know this I’m sure you know this in fact this so much bloody information out there telling us about the right plus a few that we should be in and the amount that we should be high drain a cells that we need to do it I and you know you need to do it so please please please triangle for more nutrient dense foods and trying hydrate yourself as much as possible of course you’re gonna need a lot more trips to the toilet but trust me that’s with it because you believe in a lot longer number six self reflection and I’ve kind of link self assessment in here as well so suffer flexion is really really important is one of the things I really try to do myself in twenty nineteen and I did it more so because my guests mentioned as well so very often we’re going through life and we’re not actually look into how far we’ve come for example you may have overcome some devastating adverse to you you might be going through a very very difficult time you’ve just come out of it now your first thought then is to probably never think about I get a move on and obviously live hopefully a happier life moving forward wrong what I would recommend maybe after a few days or a few weeks depending on the trauma that you went through is to reflect on that moment you need to go back when you need to extract the information on the lessons from dot so in most of my tons of adversity in hindsight it has been so my biggest blessings it has built sol much resilience so many tools so many coping mechanisms all I know that I can now take forward into life I’m not when similar problems arise in the future I know I am much better equipped to handle those a much stronger I have the wisdom to know the actually let’s not do that again because that got me into more difficult let’s try this instead so please do self reflect and again this could be on anything that you do it could be on just how you perform that wait for example maybe sit back the afternoon or the evening depending on what time you finish and just think how did operate today number seven I need you to do thirty minutes of self development every single day now this could be read in the book this could be listening to find your voice because without a slightly more than thirty minutes but please do do that but I need to do some level of self development I need you to increase your skill set and your knowledge knives the beautiful thing with books in order you bowls and podcasts even let myself is you can listen to some of them especially if you’re doing the audio you can listen to them a two ton speed knives you’re probably thinking what the hell is dot well there’s a lot of marker on the bottom of your apps it’s normally the bottom left bottom right corner where you can let you keep taking it I normally start to the times one logo if you click that few times of stock to speed up the process not initially the press is going to sound like I am their ops (subscribe to find your voice) you speaking garbage but if you can just pass of their just four maybe five ten fifty minutes your brain was thought to process what’s being said so I’ve been on two times two and a half times speed on order before the best part of the last four years I’m listening to somebody out one tons be I’m almost low what I’m about to fall asleep especially myself no absolutely hate hear my voice back but I can kind of my needs to listen to myself at two times beat so maybe try that a little bit later down the road but I at least at the very very least get those statements of self development in because it will enhance your landing your creativity and our time capture Jenny because you’ll be extracting information from people who have likely done the things that you wanted to number eight go saying now how to talk about go saying one more time before more information on this please do check out episode sixty nine and just kind of linking goal setting to one of the earlier points you need to go back and reflect on your goals on a daily basis so make sure you’re not just simply right angles reflect on him are you moving toward your goals if you’re not then you are likely not doing the right habits at the right time to move you forward and just one more thing on goes as well visualize so I’m not sure if you can recognize this when you think of something you really visualize it sometimes you get that feeling like you can almost see the hairs on your arms ray’s week emotional you feel that overwhelming sense of happiness but that’s because your body and your brain is thinking wow we’ve just achieve this and that’s the beautiful thing about visualization because if you visualize your goal was almost becomes real in the when it becomes real you know that is with in your grass providing you level up your skills and you stay committed to the process number nine affirmations and self talk of kind of link them together because they’re quite similar and this could be as simple as saying to yourself I am confident especially if you’re not or I am not a shy person or my body’s healthy my mind is healthy it can actually be something that you feel you need to develop in your life because what happens is we go through life and often we have a lot of sub conscious thought so people would tell us stuff that will actually affect our day to day life and one of the things that don’t want to do is be running on software that isn’t saving you so we need to change that soft up what we call a chain that software just by listening to one episode to find your voice however if we listen to all of them he probably could but I digress you need to be working on yourself you need to be talking to yourself in the best possible way and offending the things that you want to believe about yourself and also the things that you want to achieve for yourself so for example if you want to be a confident pass and who is successful who is healthy and is somebody who people look at and get inspired by then you need to start to talk like that person to yourself you can’t sit there and say I’m not with the (subscribe to find your voice) I’m too shy or mean even as a say in those with my demeanor changed you wanna be vibrant you wanna be said I’m confident I am with the a success because I know that if I’m successful I can inspire and help so so many people so that is my point affirmations and self talk I am finally we’re almost day guys were almost there number ten developed a growth mindset not I speak about this a lot it’s on a lot of episodes I think I started around episode forty where I actually went into this in a little bit more detail but growth mindset is massively massively key to enhancing your success improving your opportunities and just making sure that you become a better version of yourself tomorrow and there is an incredible book is recommended by a mentor of mine tumble you it’s by Carol Dweck and it’s let’s record mindset hi simple as that so I will also put that in the show notes if you’re interested in buying not gain over to two times and I’ll probably read and at the time maybe in a month or so because what I feel is a some books that you just need to keep recapping you just need to keep doing and hopefully even this episode maybe you can come out one day and say maybe I need to just hear one of these points again just so I can implement it in my Janie right who had done and I can finally breathe so part two of this will be coming out shortly a much you gonna recorded straight after this and according to the schedule (subscribe to find your voice) trying get out as soon as possible but what I don’t want to do is overwhelm you with so many points that you end up doing none of them saw at the very very least people he’s just trying to permit just one of these today one of these will help massively propel an excel you’ll Jenny to obviously helping you achieve excellence and next time I’m gonna be talking about other stuff such as increasing streams of income some financial stuff on a bit of self love stuff so there’s a lot more points I read one elaborate on and I promise you if you can just incorporate maybe one from each episode or two or three you’re gonna find yourselves growing as an individual these are the things that I wish somebody told me when I was maybe in my late teens or early twenties but sadly abandoned at night but I as I always say it’s never too late it is never too late to find your voice to write your story to move forward and really try and become that person that you want to do and do the things that you wanted to so I’m not no I just want to sincerely thank you from the bottom (subscribe to find your voice) hot for order the support that you show the show we are now in excess of a hundred and seventy five star reviews so thank you to every single one of you took time out of your day where I think at six figures nine in terms of lessons but I haven’t checked but we were very very very close so this is all thanks to you guys so thanks to you by sharing and listening and have put in not with me but I just hope that my lessons give you value and they help propel you to move your life forward so as always people thanks for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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