10 Successful Habits part 2 #73

10 Successful Habits part 2 #73

10 successful habits part 2 find your voice Aren Deu to help you find your voice.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt #73

This is part 2, so if you haven’t heard part 1 I recommend you go and check that out first by clicking –>10 Successful habits part 1<–

So having interviewed almost a 70 people now, from all over the world, I wanted to share some important success habits they shared on their episodes. Now if you are a true Find Your Voice fan, you will recognise all of these, but even then I hope it will jog your memory and come as an important reminder of habits you may not be implementing that you potentially could.


Also, I want to make sure that these habits, are explained and that you recognise, that you do not need to do all of these. Trust me that would be so overwhelming and drive you absolutely mad!


But what I do massively encourage is that you at least play around with a few of these and give yourself that hour or 2 a day to really try to put yourself first in order to achieve your goals and achieve excellence in your life.

Enjoy & don’t forget to check part 1 –>10 Successful Habits part 1<– and add that to 10 Successful Habits part 2 on this episode.

10 successful habits part 2

1. Surround yourself with successful people

Your network will determine your net worth as they say. But sometimes, its difficult to get around the right people to grow right? However sometimes we can learn from successful people without physically seeing them. How you ask? Well you’ll have to just listen. Only kidding, I know for some of you reading makes more sense. Try audible books, reading books, podcasts or online courses. Many successful entrepreneurs have access to their knowledge and experience in many platforms. I for one use Tom Bilyeus Impact University to help my own mindset and business thrive. They can hugely time collapse your journey.

2. Believe in yourself

This may sound rather cliche, but self belief so important to achieve your goals. This is not blind thinking but more you visualisation and almost manifesting opportunities on your journey.

3. Turn off your damn phone

Do not, spend your final moments or first moments of the day in the world of other people. Your life is more important. Spend those important times, to start/end your day right. So often we will compare our lives with the perception people give us on social media. Do not do it.

4. Watch yourself daily

Being able to reflect on why you do what you do and when you do it is key. It is key to recognising areas of improvement and understanding yourself better. Simply understanding yourself better will give you an advantage to become better and level up.

5. Increasing your streams of income

I have yet to meet or hear of a millionaire, with only 1 stream of income. You have a single point of failure if this is you. So make sure it is not you. i explain more in the podcast.

6. Invest in assets

So in case you thought podcasting was my only jam, wrong. I am actually a property investor which allows me to do the things I love like this. Investing in assets should be your number 1 goal, to help you pay for your liabilities. More is explained in this episode.

7. Gratitude journal

Now a gratitude journal will change your perspective massively. It is 100% beneficial if done correctly. But one thing I do not want you to do, is to simply write things to fill it up. You have to feel it, believe it and experience it almost in your head. For example, if you are grateful for your spouse, think of them. Remember their characteristics that fill you up and appreciate their traits. This will change your state and allow you to change your physiology and increase your happiness. Now write that down. We must be present when we do this or else it becomes a pointless ticking off exercise.

8. Think positively

The amount of opportunities you will recognise by simply doing this, will astound you. You will instantly active your reticular activation system if you allow yourself too. More explained in this episode.

9. Wake up early

There is a caveat to this, explained in the episode. But waking up early to concentrate on some self care and love will set you ahead of the pack. It is a habit that will serve you like no other.

10. Self love

Something that is necessary to feel the fruits of your labour. If you aren’t practising this habit, the above and all parts from part 1 are pointless. You have to practice self love!

Further information recommended on the following podcast episodes to help with these mentioned on 10 Successful Habits part 2.

Episode 52 10 Ways to Become Selfless by Being More Selfish: https://shows.acast.com/findyourvoice/episodes/10-self-love-tips

Episode 58 5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself, When You Feel Low: https://shows.acast.com/findyourvoice/episodes/bekindtoyourself

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I hope you enjoyed this episode; 10 Successful Habits part 2. Be sure to check out part 1 too.

Pippa transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

number three ten a few dumb phone welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is aren’t on is always I am the host of the show so we are now on pot T. where I’m gonna give you another ten successful habits to help you find your voice and Chris your goals for twenty twenty now of course I want you to listen to pot one fest episode seventy one released on January the ninth however if you haven’t had time do not worry these are not episodes that you need to follow in order if fact at the end of these episodes what I want you to do is walk quite a twenty successful habits that if you just implement on a daily basis even if it’s just three or four of them I promise you you’re going to see massive massive changes to enhance your life your goals your health and your well being and isn’t that what we’re what after because so often in life we feel we need to change so many things in our life to really start to get success but I promise you it’s not that complicated in fact we need to do sometimes is just ever so slightly and just make a few small tweaks to your daily habits and then consistently the over a long period of time the what you’re gonna see is a compound effect take place where war of these elections that you’ve been doing it for a few months for a few years start to take shape so that’s why I really aid you to at the end of this episode maybe go about to epistle seventy one write down notes right down to twenty I do you also write them in the show notes and I will the blogs if anyone is interested on them and then just pick and choose pick and choose a few of them that you fail actually I think if I did this it would massively help my goals be forward so without further ado let’s get this on the way the first one is to surround yourself with successful people you need to know where you’re going right for example if you want to be called a property investor similar to myself and what you need to do is get around successful property people would not have been in this industry let me just warn you from the stock careful do your due diligence because what somebody says online isn’t necessarily what they actually do so just be conscious with dot for example if your aim is to create a portfolio of ten properties within the next five years get yourself around somebody who has done that he was done exactly what you need if you want to start a business maybe it’s a food business or restaurant for example your best bet is to sit with somebody who is open restaurants previously you need to be around people who can help you on that particular category number two you need to believe in yourself not this is very difficult especially when things lot impostor syndrome Kincaid or you just don’t feel that you have the necessary experience or skill set now the beautiful thing with experience and skill set is you can build up over time and one of the only things that we have well at least now is to climb so build up you have to build a hope you’re not gonna be able to instantly learned everything by the end of next week it just takes time and patience is something that you need in this game so I understand the whole being impatient really wanted to crush your goals but sometimes we just have to take a step back you have to stop this Instagram life of instant gratification and we just need to practice delayed gratification ever so slightly I just trust the process and have patience so believe in yourself when I say believe in yourself sometimes that might mean that you need to get around people where initially you may not even fill that you’re on the level you deserve to be around however if you can manage that my god you will (subscribe to find your voice) disconnects also I sat and I recently on a few developments that we’re doing in property I’d I sit with people in all of us will cut of their like what the hell were they talking about and it’s funny because I’ve been in in our property for the last eight years I’m upset with individuals not use experience is so much greater than mine and the skills that is bad at the moment but you know what I love it because every time I walk away I write notes and I reflect back on that conversation and you know what happens the next day yes I am dot little bit smarter so I’m not trying to let you become a spine to spend as much time around these people so hopefully in six months twelve months time once you don’t wanna two developments albeit a much much better place and this obviously requires you know dropping above the ego and recognizing that we don’t know as much as we think we know which is absolutely fine because isn’t the point of progress in life to really push yourself a growing come out of your comfort zone and in order to do that of course you’re going to need to be around people who stress chief you challenge you who encouraged you to just be that little bit more skilled I experienced number three ten a few dumb phone now for this one all I need you to start to turn off your phone at least an hour before you sleep I’d at least first thing in the morning as well because effectively or that you are doing is jumping straight into somebody else’s life and if Instagram is one of the best apps that you opened your jump in to a very very cleverly hosted life and not life is worn off somebody’s highlight reel so the last thing you want to be doing is to see somebody else who seems to have it all figured out live at this incredible life at the same time if you’re like me and you wake up in the morning and you really just don’t want to speak to anyone I did he’s for an hour the last thing you want to see is somebody showing off for their amazing all eyes and well really the lows on Instagram because that’s going to put you in a place of thinking oh my god it’s all right for this personal one of I got planned today than when you kind of do that comparison thing you know comparison is the thief of joy you just gonna put yourself on a bad foot starting off so don’t do it number four recognized the things you do on a daily basis so unless your goals require you to enter any sports competition or produce a Netflix documentary them binge watching seasons (subscribe to find your voice) playing FIFA or Dave probably won’t help you you need to be increasing your skill set in the da made that your in for example if you want to be in business you need to be learning about business sows a marketed not playing PlayStation for example the same applies with anything if you want to be called an athlete for example you need to be doing rolled wicks skipping cardio strength and conditioning lifting weights you need to be doing all the things that require you to become the pass and the you dream of becoming one day so recognize this and this actually takes a bit of time but sooner or later it will become a hobby a very very good hobby actually so listen I’ll have guilty of watching the head of a lot of Netflix myself and often I quit escapism I suppose as Kerr might skis but sometimes I know in that moment maybe I should have just been working on my business just a little bit more number five you need to increase your streams of income now you’ve probably had this especially if you’re on a personal development Jedi on average I thank the stop say most millionaires have seven streams of income and that’s basically if one pot dries out for example I E. your job you I was a reduce redundancy or maybe your property portfolio something’s happened with the economy and the interest rates have risen so United as much cash flow was normal then you need to have something our second supplement and just put his white during that time so that’s why we never want to be dependent on just one stream of income and I’m growing up I was always under the impression that once you get a degree you get yourself a job and it’s kosher you’ll find you’re going to be absolutely fine until about retirement age where of course now when I think about it doesn’t really seem like a fed do they end up slashing your wages bye bye dad and your expected to live on that in most lightly done our best years so that for me is a conversation for another day not I’m not preaching that money’s everything but money sadly does make the world go around and for some of us it create stop a fight would create stock level of security just to move us forward so really have a look into that and if you want more information on this please do reach out as obviously this is something that in the last four or five years I’d be making a pass the intended just increasing different income streams into my house out number six invest in assets now I always preach this however not so much on find your voice because obviously it’s not the pot full for it but you need to be investing your money maybe around in a nine to five or in your business in assets not assets Hey you while you sleep liabilities well they just simply don’t pay you so very very quickly off the box if you buy a rental home for example you read that to somebody what would happen is that will pay your bills I. E. the cons attacks the war to the electric they will pay off most of the mortgage if you brought right in the first place and then you should have a little bit of money left every single month now without money while I would recommend is always keep ten percent for contingency but then you should at least have two to three hundred pounds a month where you can play around with and you can just maybe put that maybe two was another asset or higher for liability so order my liabilities which is things like claws or will close for example a paid off the back of my assets because a liability is something that you put money into and it’s gone it’s the chili con so calls are a little bit like that as well as of the moment you drive a car the call block where it sold then instantly you’re losing by you and it’s just going down and down and down in value where is an asset for example like a house over time it tends to as history shows go up and up and up in value so be conscious of where you’re putting your money make sure your money is working for you your money needs to be working for you why over sleep number seven get yourself a gratitude journal now this is really really important for anyone listening to this episode or the previous episode before because got you do something that will massively massively change your perception on life along with also have an incredibly positive impact on your happiness I levels of fulfillment so make sure that happiness is at the forefront of everything that you do in life if things (subscribe to find your voice) make you happy try your best not to do now of course I’m not telling you to simply go in high and did you and always that way sometimes we need a bit of a plan and we need that patients are mentioned earlier in this episode but generally speaking we wanna come from a place of seeing things for the bass and the only happens when you practice gratitude when you practice the things this more things that we often take for granted on a daily basis it must have you must have you changed your perception on life and of course if you listen to the previous guest we always try to do that we always try to listen to a story of adversity but then we try to get the positives from that because in our adversity that’s where the lessons are being taught us with the lessons are there for us to be learnt as we move forward in life number eight think positively nice kind of link to got you not promise you the more you try to do in your journal on a daily basis the more positive you’re going to be but the beautiful thing with thinking positively not this is a blase thinking Hey if I just sit here and say I’m gonna be Belinda next week over and over and over it’s going to happen it’s not I’m sorry this is more about you thinking positively in terms of the situations and the experience is around you and there’s a thing called the reticular activating system and effectively the more positive with the more things you visualize in your head on a daily basis the more that you’re going to see for example if you think of a red call now and I’ll just put red car in your brain if you’re driving now or maybe you’re gonna drive later in the day I promise you that you’re going to start to notice more read because so if you can just think of more positive things with in your life I promise you that’s gonna massively massively create more opportunities they’re gonna become more visible to you and you gonna do absolutely amazing things with those however if you come from and negative place you’re probably gonna miss all those opportunities number nine Waco Bailey now this is a really really important one because waking up early I’m not necessarily one of those advocates dot say you need to be about three AM or four AM what I am saying is sometimes if you can just make up just ever so slightly and even if it is fifty minutes or an hour just to do you generally just to go to the gym just a hydrate yourself and get your thoughts together before the weld kind of takes over you a day before you jump on to Instagram before you stop messing around on social media I promise you that’s going to have a massive massive impact on your life and also you kind of get this level of satisfaction actually you’ve done a few tasks in the morning not just for yourself maybe it’s for you with maybe it’s for your business before the rest of the world wakes up that’s quite empowering is also how they look into that maybe to incorporate one of these habits that we’ve mentioned above these episodes in our I just thought to watch you will change not if you are going to be one of those people who make about three or four or five AM and please do me a favor make sure you get enough sleep the night before because the is something that is so (subscribe to find your voice) overlooked and it’s so so important and finally number ten self love so I spoken about this on many of the episodes previously and it’s not cliche it’s not something that should be overlooked but it’s something that you need to be doing in order to move yourself forward at the end of the day if you’re not showing your soft appreciation and you’re not looking after yourself during the attainment of goals you’re gonna massively massively struggle so a great episode for this was episode fifty eight which is five ways to be kind to yourself even when you feel low I did not massively massively going to help you also episode fifty two which actually helps you become selfless by being more selfish not condescending a bit crazy doesn’t it but a promise you this ten incredible tips in there where you can really start to put yourself at the forefront of your life and when you do that not only do you position yourself in a place where you can become more and do more you can also help more people and dot I promise you is one of the greatest feelings that you would ever attained in your life salt dots the last ten of this two part episode I hope you find these words useful hope along with episode one you now know the kind of things that you need to move yourself forward I massively massively aid you to take notes I’m also make yourself accountable really pushes off really tell yourself that you deserve more that you want to become more you want to do more in your life I just take hold of some of these habits and really push forward in twenty twenty with them and also let me know as well give me some feedback I’ve had some incredible testimonials from people saying they’ve just incorporate a few of these just for a week and instantly that they felt bad they felt will carry Tina had they’ve noticed a few things have come in their favor and that’s just in a week just imagine what can happen if you do this for longer than a week so I’m gonna leave it that I’m gonna start rumbling I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode on pot one as well I wish you all an incredible twenty twenty and I look forward to speaking to you or next Monday thanks for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day 10 successful habits part 2 10 successful habits part 2 10 successful habits part 2 10 successful habits part 2 10 successful habits part 2

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