How to build a business with your partner #10

How to build a business with your partner #10
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Click the photo to listen to the episode. Find your voice – Episode #10 How to build a business with your loved one – Manny & Ras

Tagline: Good things happen to good people – A story by the Co-Founders of Build My Gift, Manny & Ras

The founders

Driven by a passion for business and making a difference in the gifting world, husband and wife co-founders Manny & Ras launched Build My Gift in 2017. Within this time they have been featured in Glamour, Bazaar, This Morning, GQ, Forbes, Metro, Brides and now Find Your Voice! Of course the latter is their proudest achievement!

In this episode we get a behind the scenes understanding of what it truly takes to build a business from scratch and hear about a few obstacles they have faced on the way. A raw and honest interview showcasing the highs and lows, which truly gives us all a great insight into the wonderful minds behind this key concept but also about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Forever growing…

Now with over 500 products, and an everlasting increasing product portfolio, they have mastered the art of controlling overwhelm. They have carefully manufactured their intuitive website helping you make decisions to suit your loved ones.

As the brand continues to grow and more wonderful memories continue to get shared with the Build My Gift experience, I urge to you follow their journey below.

Plus with special occasions, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations around the corner get building your gift. Check out their website which gives you the opportunity to just do something nice for someone.

Build My Gift is the perfect place for you to get started. I have used this as of July 2019 4 times myself, as it makes my life so much easier. It also looks classy, well thought of and makes all receiving parties happy!

Discounts for you

What is even more exciting is the founders have offered 10% off to all listeners. To get 10% off, simply enter the following code at the checkout: findyourvoice

You would be mad to pay full price when this is available. Again I do not make any commission from this, but you will benefit in the process.

So what are you waiting for?

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Don’t forget the discount code! findyourvoice

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