The Find Your Voice Podcast, hosted by Aren Deu, is a positive movement for you, the people. This show is designed help you combat your excuses, take control of your life, write your own story and most importantly Find Your Voice!

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Whatever your current situation is telling you, it is not the end. This is just a chapter or page in your book of life. This Find Your Voice Podcast focuses on interviewing people from all walks of life. It shares stories of: Hope, Adversity, Trauma, Authenticity & Fears we all have today. Guests have courageously shared their stories from: rape to blindness, anxiety to homelessness and so much more.

Furthermore, for those who have yet to experience real tragedy, this podcast is still for you. It will equip you with the necessary toolset, mindset and belief to help cope in times of adversity. All the guests who have shared their voice on this podcast have found a way to persevere and move forward with their life. Some stories almost seem fictional, and really highlight the need for everyone to be more compassionate and kind to every person we meet.

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A metaphor for finding your way in life

The Find Your Voice podcast is designed to change your life, for the better and help you find your way in life. It will demonstrate to the listeners, that with the right mindset and correct action anything is truly possible. Using the lessons from this podcast, and knowledge from the guest, it will provide the necessary tools to regain or take control of your life.

It is through doing this, the find your voice podcast will help you write your own story. Remember, Finding your voice is a process and not a destination, and acts a metaphor for many reasons. Find Your Voice is also about showcasing your true self and making decisions for you, not others. It is a metaphor for finding your purpose in life and taking full control of the things you can.

On a personal note, It has always been a goal to change the world. From my career as a social worker, to giving up the corporate life I wanted to impact people. I wanted to see people not go through similar pain to myself, or struggle due a lack of resources. As a result this is why I started Find Your Voice. However, I can’t do this alone. I need your help. Join the movement and let’s share our stories and voices and recognise the strength in our words and help others too.

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